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XD this gallery is mostly writing and not drawing i'm no good at drawing=( but hope you enjoy the story i wrote.



Ask Me: part 1 by browser-surfer14
Ask Me: part 1
There we go, part 1 of the show. I felt down when i delayed it for a long time OTL do forgive me Trolmaster and megamanisthesatin for delaying your questions, seriously been busy with animations and story writing

leave your question below and i'll try my best to answer them ASAP
The day seemed fine for the Tanuki agent, staying inside his cozy apartment unit while enjoying the jazz station on his favorite radio app. He sighed to himself, looking beyond the city from his balcony which made him wondered what missions are in store for him as of for now. He went to check his computer, hovering the cursor aimlessly at first to disable his screen saver of some animated scenery of a flower field then proceeds to the internet.

He checked his inbox from an interstellar online community and spent about half an hour when the computer gave a notification pop up.  He quickly hovered his mouse over and to his surprise, it's a message from Kei, an Electric/Water shiny Tanuki met since that crystal mission three months ago.

He wastes no time and read out the message fixing a computer...? I'm a hacker! I don't fix them... but... maybe if I gave it a try, things might do more good than harm eventually he thought to himself with a grin before shutting down the computer. He got to his room, checked his sniper rifle and  dematerialised his cyber-themed wolf mask.

He checked his ammo supplies, everything seemed to be fully stocked lucky for me to not take part in those zombie missions, I hate zombies he thought with digust feeling towards reanimated corpses and such.  He got to the balcony and aimed at the HQ's viewing tower then shot his Volt Switch bullet to quickly get to HQ without having to go through all the corners of the sidewalk.

Once he reached the HQ, he quickly got to the meeting room when he swung the door open, the room isn't quite empty as two Tanukis are still left behind, apparently discussing something with each other of today's. He gave them warm smile as he approaches the chair.

It's Froslass and Takane, just sitting around in the meeting room

"Hey Froslass, where did everyone go?" He questioned the Ice/Ghost Tanuki with a blush that is barely noticeable as he tries to keep eye contact. Froslass tilted her head and smiles back.

"They went out to this secret hideout, something to do with a satellite controlling mission." she replied softly as all he can do is accept the information as it is.
"It's alright, Hemlock." Takane added. "You can go there if you like."

Hemlock exited the building after undergoing some information gathering due to the fact he missed the morning meeting thanks to him being a total night owl.

He tapped around his navigation tablet for the navigation app then typed down the coordinate of the area. The screen gave him a beeping sound before it begins to pan over to the designated coordinate. He took out his sniper rifle and aimed towards the sky while his mind made quick calculations over the course of the bullet's trajectory.

Confidently, he fired his shot and waited for the bullet to eventually land. He went to the cafe nearby the HQ where Froslass likes to hang out most of the time. He was about to push the door only to have teleported to the secret hideout's entrance while giving a grumble.

He approached the crowd and gave them an awkward smile "sorry for being late, I... kinda... overslept today" he tries to convince them only to be given the silent treatment from their cold icy glare. He readjusted his hoodie to cover up his face then proceeds to look at the problem.

He apprached the damaged computer then began to take careful observation of the damages done physically computer problems... I'm no technician but fixing the in system could work, it's like opposite day for hackers he thoughts to himself as he engulfs his entire body with electricity before going into the cyberworld.

He gasped upon entering as major data storage and control panels were badly corrupted while some memory storage were completely erased. He exits the cyberworld and began reporting his findings as he then took out his sniper rifle with a grin "you fix the computer while I cover your back" he told Kei and Rai while loading his sniper rifle as he stood, ready to fire anything that crosses his line of sight.

He tightens his grip, trigger fingers ready to snipe down anything. Suddenly, the panels slowly reveals a turret with their firearms still in their lil machinery. He pressed the trigger, letting the first shot penetrate straight through the core as his ears caught the sound of a gatling gun revving up. His paws quickly began to be engulfed by electricity as he waved his paws across his field of view, creating a barrier made of electricity that rendered the bullets useless then began to disintegrate right before his eyes "hah! That lil practice during those zombie mission paid off very well" he boasted as he watched wave after wave of bullets came flying towards them all turned to mere metallic dusts.

He waited till the wave of bullets stopped as he then puts down the barrier causing him to wheeze and gasping for air note to self, this electric barrier is far out he thought to himself as he hoisted himself up. He huffs due to the fact that his energy lose faster upon using it "is everything going on smoothly?" He glanced at the crew as he then loads another batch of bullets into his sniper rifle "I have no idea how long I could last in defending ya" he told them as he took a shot once the final bullet is being inserted. He looks back at those who're still fixing the computer "I think I'm out guys! " he called out as he stored the sniper rifle then materialised the mask while drawing his tomahawks out.

He gave the tomahawks a nice charging up session, filling it with electricity at every corners of the melee weapon. He charged at the turrets, taking huge advantage over his flexibility to evade incoming bullets from the said turrets "eat my sharp edges!" He taunted and with that, successfully planted his tomahawk through the thick armor of the turret. Suddenly, the turret went full berserk, spinning around at such a speed that the world is a total blur to the poor electric-poison tanuki "definitely not trying this again" he held onto the gag reflex build up as he focused all his energy to stop the rotation by thrusting his tomahawk straight into the motor responsible for it.

He jumped off the turret and onto another, this time going into its core, hacking the living bot out of it "when things not doing well outside, always find the insides or whatever commander told me" he shrugged while enjoying some dubsteps in his hacking shenanigans. Meanwhile, outside the cyber world, the turret temporarily stopped shooting until a purplish yellow light emerged from it's original coloref light, indicated a successful hack by the tanuki.

Instinctively, Hemlock wasted no time in delaying his plans that he quickly type commands after commands on the turret, rendering it as a full on traitor towards the rest of the turrets around the area. Once done, he got out the possessed turret after typing down a self destruct command then created an electric wall barrier for those defending the technicians.

Kei and Rai, the two shiny Electric-Water cyborg Eevee, managed to washed out the problems in cyberverse and eventually realigned the satellite to a correct position. With Luigi and Takahiro sniping the turrets, rendering them useless while Kei typed a lot for the reports, and Rai managed to clean up those stuff. Looking at the older Hemmlock, Rai grinned "Heh, it's an insanely challenging job, but we've cleaned up" Kei then looking at his sister, he rubbed his forepaws on her hair.

"Coordination complete!" Kei announced. "I guess we need to clean the other mess up" which made Hemlock realised something he needs to do to prevent and backfires of plan. He made his way into the cyber world and began to fortify the computer with intricate lines of defence, capable to prevent the best hackers to reposition the satellite while keeping the computer viruses at bay.
[TL] Chapter 9: Satellite Mark
A story made for Tanuki-Legacy where our hero has to defend technicians that fixes the computers responsible for satellite. A collab with JDMWanganPichu

Hemlock Digitalis belongs to me

Froslass belongs to Winter-The-Fox

While the rest belongs to JDMWanganPichu
[SFM Contest] Strict's (temporary) lil Helper by browser-surfer14
[SFM Contest] Strict's (temporary) lil Helper
Ah... after what seemed to be like a week of idea burnout due to my attempts in sfm animation, i came back to making posters for now and going on a hiatus in the animating field. i mean, the animation is has... a fighting theme into it (after watching too much flash animation from youtube) thus crashing alot of the creativity and motivation to make posters.

so, as a come back to my creativity burnout, i've decided to join in two contests and one of it is this, hosted by Menaria via this contest and... i think i did quite a good job in the come back.

artist comments:

i used a lil different cosmetic than my usual tf2 sniper cosmetic loadout, you know... to give a lil 'who's your boss!' feel in this picture. anyway, the team behind the sniper comprise of common types of player found in servers as follows:

1) the heavy that sucks his thumbs are representation of young tf2 players that you'll find them annoying in servers, spamming their mics and go full on rage and such that it's worth to be put up on youtube

2) the pyro with the unicorn hat represents you know... mlp fannatics that would either rage around for teasing the brony community and whatnot

3) the engineer in the wheelbarrow that i obscured the full cosmetic represents tryhards, enough said

4) the f2p spy... yeah... lets just say... he tried his best

5) finally, the demoknight that i have no idea why i placed him... =/ 

made in SFM

edited in GIMP
Ask Me! by browser-surfer14
Ask Me!
Woo! it's time for a Q&A session with featuring me :meow:

there's a few things to note:

1) i'll try my best to answer everyone.

2) those didn't make it, i'll try to squeeze them in the next answering session

3) i can sometimes forget so just drop a note to remind me :meow:
I yawned and stretched my still tired self from sleep, had a sweet dream of falling into a pile of muffins. I sighed at the thought of muffins that I went to give a nice morning call to my dear Flora to make sure we can enjoy pastries together. I nudged her a few times then proceeds to tap her finally licking her till she makes me stop. My final lick did the trick "ok, ok, you can stop hero! We'll go to the cafe" she spoke as I helped her up onto my back. She pulled my tail as I levitated my bow tie and her hat before leaving the guild issue housing. Lucky for us, Eeveelution Sisters Café isn't far for us "so, the same ol? Muffins and tea?" She guessed as I nodded that all I could see are blurry images of my surrounding "now listen, this is our first time at the guild so we need to show them spirit and commitment" she briefed me all the way to the cafe. I was greeted by a shiny sylveon, sporting a non-shiny themed sylveon like clothing.

The sylveon bowed then tries to form a warm smile "w-welcome, m-may I take your order?" She greeted us with a blush as she then took out a notebook and a pen, ready to take our order. I placed my paw on my regular orders with a smile, she must be nervous to notice me "o-oh, sorry Pepper, I'll b-be back with the regular" she replied nervously before running towards her flareon sister.

The flareon sister, Summer came back with a paper bag filled with the fresh smell of vanilla muffins "enjoy your morning" she smiled at us before leaving the counter when my ears caught somebody calling out Uncle Sizzle. Flora and I sat at close proximity with this Sizzle person, hearing this quilava explaining about dungeon exploring is interesting that I can't help munching on the muffins I bought.

The fennekin then head towards the counter, he's holding the same paperbag as I do that I used my psychic hidden power to give a pull but it won't budge any closer. Suddenly, the psychic pull became stronger causing me to be dragged along when I felt a paw slapping my head "Pepper! No! Let it go!" Flora demanded as I let it go with a whine "you know we already have one similar to his" she pointed as I  continued to whine that Flora approached Firestorm "sorry bout Pepper, you know how he is, right?" She told him as I blushed with embarrassment when both of them approached our seat.

She too blushed at him for being together "so, a bit excited for the dungeon?" Firestorm started off as she hid her blush with her tail "I-I mean, the place is quite something alright" he stammered as she giggles at him. I wish I could speak something but I have nothing in mind so I wagged my tail

She picked up a berry and passed it over to me "I may be scared of heights, but I am very determined of showing my commitment to the guild" she said with pride as I ate up the berry she gave "anyway, talk to you later, we need to rush" she jumped on my back and I whined again "no time to waste Peppy, I might just promise to have more time to spend with you cooking up more delicious treat when everything's over" she tried to cheer me up as we made a move on.

I have to be thankful, with my speed, it took us a few minutes to reach the guild in order to attend the meeting. I can't help myself to listen to the briefing whipe munching on the muffins I have that those nearby either glanced at us or have their mouths drooling at the thought of the muffins I'm munching on. So, our job today is go dungeon adventuring while collecting samples and get out of trouble which I'm not good at keeping still to be honest. Flora then pat my back as she then crawled towards my head "lets go big boy, I can safely assume Stormy is at the library" she told me as I wagged a lil then headed towards the library where we can find that fennekin she kept mentioning.

Once we got there, I tried the best to stop panting too much, the noise isn't what everyone wants to hear throughout their study. So, we went from aisle to aisle, trying to find him when my ears caught somebody talking. I padded towards the source and there he is, Firestorm alone with another team from the researchers guild while muttering something to do with traps found inside the dungeon we're going to explore. Flora soon came by with her cute giggling along with some books wrapped in her Iron Tail "pleasant surprise meeting you here Stormy" she complimented him as she took her seat with a few books she brought along "traps are always something interesting and curiosity inducing topic too" she spoke as she flipped about the pages. Sooner or later, Firestorm 'vanished' when Flora jumped on my back "we better study as much as we can if we wanna get out safely and also... mind if you could fetch some medical supplies at my aunt's office for me?" She requested with an awkward smile, probably she isn't the kind to boss people around as I made my way up the stairs to where office is. The room is cold upon entering but it seemed like it ranges around... 28°C to me. There is a first aid kit near a family portrait of Flora's family who thinks she's dead from the fall in that scary cave I got lost into. Anyway, I used my hidden power to open up the cupboard as one by one, things like bandages and cloth floats towards me. I returned to Flora with every cloth and bandages needed for the dungeon exploration. She gave a warm smile before closing the book she reads as we made our way out the library.

I scooped both of Firestorm and Glitter up onto my back "you want a ride?" I asked with a jolly tone "back to the cafe! Last call for muffins" I chanted all the way to the cafe as all I could do is giggle silently at my passion for pastries. The cafe is quite far from the library so the only way to go there is through the market place. The market is packed with goodies and supply especially the dungeon expedition to Geoda if I'm not mistaken from what Flora told me not long ago after that meeting.

The view of the market sure is nice as my ears caught something "I could've sworn we have alot of berries back home" said a riolu with light blue eyes sporting a pair of pink gloves to the other riolu with blue eyes sporting a pair of aqua colored gloves "can't simply blame somebody for being hungry" he replied with a shrug as the hearing range went out. Then a zangoose with a zigzagoon on his shoulder continuously chanted 'advwenture' throughout their walk around the market aww, somebody is super excited as I am I thought to myself with a smile as we finally reached the cafe. I gave way to a ninjask with a notebook and a shedinja interesting... I heard they're interviewers,  wish to be in an article like daddy I thought to myself as I stopped to look around as another shinx by the name of  Anna then jumped off my back to be meeting back with her parents as I took my last call for muffins and stocked up on berries. Then, we head to the dungeon entrance where as being briefed back at the meeting.

The dungeon entrance has a large number of teams murmuring about the dungeon layout, some got enthusiastic to enter and some just kept calm for whatever the dungeon will throw "oh the joy!" said Flora joyfully while giving my neck a hug then jumped down from me as she took a deep breath "adventure awaits us!" She announced then jumped back onto me and got closer to me " and... for the comfy room " she whispered as Glitter and Firestorm jumped down from me as we waved goodbye.

The door slowly creaks open, revealing a basalt floored room "lets begin exploring this dungeon carefully" Flora spoke while emphasising the whole part of being careful. I padded through the room and tripped over a root that made Flora flew a few meters away "catch me!!" She exclaimed as I dashed towards her to be catching her with my tail just inches away from the shiny glint on the floor "goodness Pepper, lucky thing you caught me in time before triggering the trap" she sighed before patting my back then jumped down to examine the trap "smells bad... the area of it seemed to have been dissolved like some corrosive poison" she analyzed as she gestured me to lift up the plate slowly in order for her to catch a glimpse of the mechanism "carefully detach those gears and wires please" she told me as I slowly take away the parts she asked then levitated what seemed to be the poison stored in a container. I filled a test tube then plugged it tightly so that the bag won't melt along the way.

I lifted Flora up onto my head "left or right, Flora? I was thinking left" I suggested as she nodded that without a word, I tried to push the door but it's locked "Flora! The door is locked!" I exclaimed as she gave a soft pat to my head which gave me an idea to use the wires I got from the disarmed trap. I lowered myself so that Flora could hear for anything that indicates that the locked door is open. After some times of lock picking, the lock on door sort of 'burst' open and the room we're heading to is... full of sand "sand... I love sand! But I once got trapped in quicksand so now I wanna get out quickly" I whined as the soft sand began to consume the first paw that went in and onto the rest. Lucky the sand isn't deep cause lets face it, having fear of quicksands isn't a funny matter. Anyway, as we went deeper into the room, we happen to be stumbling upon a team of our kind; a shiny espeon with a slightly curly tail sporting a hot pink hat with lavender ribbon lined at the rim by the name of Asami and a shiny eevee with the same slightly curly tail sporting a gold bow that has silver tinsel attached by the name of Hikari. Team Shining-Stars in the same room as us "hey there!" I called out, slowly making my way towards them as the shiny espeon tries to shake off every grains of sands off her paws from the steps she took.

Asami fixed her hat and again shook off the sand that happens to be trapped between her paws "oh dear, sorry umm... maybe we could have a formal conversation from this sandy room, yes? Goodness these sands are such a troublesome thing to me" she spoke as I lowered myself as she tilted her head in confusion "you're offering me a ride? Is it okay with you dear?" She asked as I nodded to all her question. She flicked her tail and then jumped onto my back along with the shiny eevee, Hikari "I do need to thank you, this sand and I aren't tolerating each other" she huffs before we get a move on to the door. Upon entering, the walls seemed to be covered in green stuff "looks sticky in my view" she voiced out as Flora jumped down from my head to take a closer look.

I went around and saw a small pile of spoolstone "one for me and another for you" I levitated the spoolstones where one goes into the bag and the other one to the shiny espeon. I went back to Flora and saw that her tail sticks to the wall "let me help~" I chirped that I used my hidden power to pull her out and she came off like a pancake off the ceiling back at home one time. I managed to hide my laughter which only results in a glare from Flora that a whine came  out instead. We once again went back through the door and this time... we came to a room with a bucket "hey Flora! What is that! Looks fun to play!" I ran towards the bucket only to be seeing a barboach under it "hey..." I bent down and looked straight into its eyes "who are you" I asked him with an innocent look before being treated with a plunger.

I ran back behind Flora, whining "oi! You messed with the wrong team!" Flora shouted as she skillfully dodged every water gun attack then gave firm slap before stuffing the barboach into the bucket "there, stay quiet while I collect some of those blue dust like thing" she went back to me to rummage the bag for another test tube

I could hear a voice, more like a guy's voice "Flora!" The voiced sounded joyful to be seeing her again as she turned with a smile as do I to be seeing it was Firestorm's voice "so... whatcha doin?" Firestorm looked over her shoulder to see something blue floating in a spot as she carefully scooped the said object.

She placed the object into her pack then jumped onto my back along with the rest "apparently these could be either dusts or spores from a plant" she postulated while writing it down in her notes "I'm off to find more info about this dungeon and their wonders" she boasted as she points to the door behind us before leaving the room.

The room now has an odd rock shaped formation and the barboach guarding the room is out cold, I felt sorry for the poor thing that I left a berry next to it "hey~ more spoolstone spotted!" Hikari pointed as she bounced towards the pile like it's autumn in the dungeon "yahoo!" She cheered as she landed into the pile, causing the pile to break up and I caught one in mid air. I laughed along before a pat can be felt, signalling me to carry on to the next room... an ordinary room that is nothing special "Pepper dear, I think this is where we part ways as of for now, it was a pleasure of you to offer us a ride" Asami thanked us as she gestures at Hikari to follow along "until next time, Team Emerald Bloom" she bowed before opening the door behind us and that leaves us. Flora and I looked around a few times, nothing much to explore as we head to the door not far and this one really is an awesome place for me but otherwise for Flora.

Flora's can't help to just open up the bag and stayed in there with some coldpacks wrapped around her entire body as it's all up to me now. After padding around the room, she climbed out the bag and onto my back that my ears caught somebody talking "is it just me or this room is sweltering hot" the voice pointed out as I explored the room as the voice continued to speak "hey Glitter, this area has no floor, how odd" it spoke that it made me rush to bite his tail "not my tail!" Firestorm yelled as he went on spewing flamethrower everywhere, I panted and that made me give him a smile "hey... how's it goin there buddy, doing good? Yeah, you sure do" he joked around then I tossed him onto my back as he landed in front of Flora.

She shook her head "you know, you should be careful next time" she teased me, flicking her tail as she wrote something that can benefit from this hot room "there has to be something that makes the room hot, and no, volcanic heat isn't my huge conclusion here" she analysed her surrounding as I went about the room "not now, I think I'm coming close to my conclusion" she denied his attempt to speak then grumbles for unable to come up with something "oh well, a lil more adventure might work" she said with a shrug as I went to pick up Glitter "together onwards!" She declared as we got a move on.

The room is hot, really hot that its like walking through a furnace when I was a lil puppy "I'm bored..." I whined as I look around aimlessly,  finding a way to entertain myself "I spy... with my lil cute eyes, something reddish orange" I said as I pointed at what seemed to be a small pool of lava "never mind, I found it" I padded over to the source of heat that it formed more steam the closer we get  "off to another room" he announced before breaking into a run which made everyone held onto my fur. Our travel back to the door is quite the chat, suddenly, I stopped and picked up speed "what is that!" He exclaimed as it made everybody fall off as I was a bit carried away by the resources found "it's a fleshcap! Fleshcap!" I exclaimed as I felt something moving downwards upon stepping. The pressure plate is being stepped and the walls soon shoots out poison dart "help me!" I cried out in pain as some hit my hind paws, poison darts dug into me that I fell to my side "F-Flora!" I pleaded as I  felt like my body is getting numb from the poison "h-h-help me" I gasped.

Florq got to my side, taking out the darts "Pepper! Just hold on!" Flora helped out taking the darts as she rummage her pack for a pecha berry "eat this, hero" she assists me in eating the berry as I felt what seemed to be 10 darts being pulled out while she continues to feed me with berries to cure the poisoning effect "that was close" she gave a sigh of relief as she covered the area with a band aid soaked in pecha berry juice "lets just go find a safe place for you to rest up" she spoke softly as Firestorm hoist me up onto my feet with hus light screen.

He kept watchful eyes for anything suspicious while navigating our way back to the door "umm... t-thanks Stormy" I thanked him as I gave him a lick while hobbled in effort to get a move on "s-sorry for causing trouble" I whined for all I could do as a sign of regret is sag my tail, creating a path where my tail rests on the ground. Firestorm jumped on me and gave him a pat on the back, I guess I'm all good in his books no matter what. Once we made it back to the door, we entered an... ordinary room. The room of nothing much interesting can be said about it and just... that.

Flora finds a nice place for me to rest up my wounds "this seemed convenient" she added as she laid down a bunch of dried leaves for me to lie down "rest up now big boy, you made me worried alot" she spoke softly as she slept between my big paws. I think like half an hour passed by and I stood up, the area is still sore but I'm not giving up! I licked Flora in attempt to wake her up as I tossed her onto my back "wha... Pepper... please, your wounds aren't fully healed" she spoke softly as I shook my head as I gave a lil cough then head to the door "I promise you again, we will ask the doctors there to treat you back to full health" she promised me as the room leads back to the sandy place again with Team Shining-Star. I levitated Team Shining-Star onto my back before heading to the door.

As I open the door, Flora came storming out "Firestorm~ you have got see what I got" she called out like my aunt as she jumps down to be showing them two spoolstone "anyway, back to exploring" she said as she tossed the spoolstones towards me then turned back to face them "right, forgot something, this is Team Shining-Stars" she introduced them as they waved back at them "anyway, the door we came in is quite sandy but due to the shift of the dungeon, you might be lucky not to cross it" she told them before going back to the same door we came in to now lead us to a room with obelisk at the centre. I borrowed Flora's note book and began to sketch out the shape of the obelisk as I ate up the muffins I had, incase it might help heal my wounds maybe. I then noticed a barboach, its fat and I levitated the lemon flavored muffin over to the barboach then noticed flora came back with another spoolstone.

Team Shining-Star jumped off us and before we left, they waved goodbye at us and at last, the exit can be seen. We exited the dungeon and picked up Team Shining Leaf to be brought back to HQ of Geoda. Once there, Flora and I handed over some of the samples along with the description of each sample. Then, we proceed into applying our findings throughout the dungeon trip, Flora and I proposed in making a cold storage unit that enables flammable liquid to be kept safely at the same time preventing them from reacting violently due to the heat of Geoda. After explaining, I went towards the lobby and flopped due to today's adventure
Team Emerald Bloom: A New Adventure
Imagine doing this in the middle of the night within a few hours while chasing the deadline.

Mobile upload so I'll proceed with all credits once I secured tge place in the group and also the atlas


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farewell sfm and tf2, u all were wonderful for such a beautiful 1 year usage OTL ;^; so from this day forward until my steam account is restored, i only will be writing on which is something non of the watchers would care to read anyways

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