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XD this gallery is mostly writing and not drawing i'm no good at drawing=( but hope you enjoy the story i wrote.



Halloween is here and we had our tea at Eeveelution Sisters Cafe, Fun's cousins open it up this cafe somewhere not far from his parlor. Now then, since the Halloween is around, they made their food a bit Halloween like to fit the occasion "hurry up with that muffin, today's errand seemed interesting" I told him, placing down the notepad I had all along "hope you aren't scared of ghost cause we have to help them out" I continued as my face got soaked in tea as I wiped away the tea.

He shivered in fear "I-I am n-n-not scared of ghost!" He blew a raspberry at me and turned away from me "I may be brave but I kinda have issue over ghost types" he said softly as I swing a friendly punch at him which made him flinched "quit it Glitter, I think I'm just going to stay here with Autumn" he continued before getting of the chair and heading towards the kitchen.

I finished up my tea time and head out the cafe "wait up~" Winter called out with Spring being dragged along "please~ can we come along?" She begged me as I nodded joyfully which then made me jump onto her shoulder to get a better view.

The walk leads us to a spooky looking area, tree that looks like a phantom when being shadowed creeped me and the sound of shrieks made my fur stand out "I spoke too soon about this" I confessed as I looked around the creepy woods when I saw those stoneheadge in those mist "they said that when the night comes, these ghost-type will surely be active" I reminded them as the sun starts to set which actually got me electrically jumpy all the sudden.

Winter simply giggles at my statement "come on, the spirits aren't too bad to handle" she assured me as I look back at the note pad and then back at her "see, it even says that some of these ghost-types had lost their memories and such so bring them back safely" she continued as the surrounding now darker than usual marks the night with the now growing mist "stay close now, Spring, cause we too might get lost" she held onto her vine as we together made our way to the stoneheadge.

The stoneheadge as being stated really is full of ghost-types and how am I going to guide those poor souls back given that some might have lost their memories "I wish Stormy is around" I whined, holding on to Winter as the rest thinks up of better ideas as I suddenly felt a presence behind me calm down now girl, freaking out will just turn things uglier I thought to myself a fine pat my head. I screamed and then some vine hushed me.

Spring giggled "relax, they are curious about us" she said as she brought closer a pumpkaboo, cute and fluffy too "see, nothing to be afraid of" she coaxed me speak up to- ... her?

I gave the fluffy pumpkaboo a lil hug "so, what happened to you until you ended up here?" I asked the pumpkaboo to only be giving me a confused look.

The pumpkaboo continued to stare at me, still clueless of what I mean "I-I don't know... I want my mommy and daddy" the pumpkaboo spoke, a feminine voice tells me of a girl and a young one too "where am I? I wanna go home" tears formed on the poor pumpkaboo, sad ending for this kid here.

I snuggled the poor kid, humming her a tune I learned from Via to soothe the built up stress "there there, don't cry" I told her as we went to find more. Surely these ghost-type has a thin chance of regaining all memories prior to their death "a pair of rotom, a duskull and a litwick" I told Winter and seemed to me they look like a former group of some guild. Winter stopped and kneeled down "hey there, sorry for interupting, I am Glitter of Team shining Leaf from the explorer's guild" I introduced myself as both the rotom got attracted to me like a magnet should have thought about it I thought with annoyance "I assume you were once a team of some sort of guild, yes?" I questioned them, some nodded and some just shrugged it off "maybe you could follow us? At least you can have a safe environment to get used to your new form" I offered them as they agreed upon my offer.

Spring came back with... oh dear, a rotom horde "hey! Get off my electric source!" One of them shoved a shiny rotom clinging over my ears "electric man! This is the bomb!" Another rotom said, manly too "get your filthy paws off my spot! You should treat ladies better" The other one, lady like apparently on my left cheeks.

Winter giggled about "alright everyone, evening tea party, anyone care to join in?" She offered, the ladies and gentlemen sounded rotoms floats off towards Spring at last "look over there, a few more ghost type over by an abandoned merchant's cart" she pointed as Spring got into action with her festive mood into her conversation "while she's busy, maybe a lil song could help bring the others then" she suggested as I got Firestorm's ocarina with me, hopefully he wouldn't be searching for it.

So, we sang about and got quite the number of ghost-type pokemon all the way back to Andalusst safe and sound indeed "let me see, one of you rotoms are once an explorer, the other one is a musician and the shiny one is a traveler like wow!" I spoke in amazement, even the dead has amazing stories "tea party is always fun and this to celebrate your arrival to Andalusst" I announced as Winter opened the door to the cafe, serving the newcomer with tea and hot cocoa along with some pastries. Tonight, it's a ghostly tea party for us all that Stormy miss out on, all muffins on me.
PMDU errand #11: ghostly tea party
Yesh! Got it done, after listening mystery skulls- Ghost, I was like "time to do this! Oh- wait... its stoneheadge,  not haunted mansion, oh well"

Client: Robin
Errand: #11
Date Issued: October 30, 2014
Date Due: November 3, 2014

Fun's cousin

Team Shining Leaf
Non-Playable Character Group: The Gunslingers
Date Formed :  4/8/1990
Number of Cameos: 1
Number of Stories: 0


Marshall Steam // male yamask // 27, bold // highly persistent // mummy  
Primary Goal: protect anyone entering a very risky place

 - -
Physical description:
A yamask with a mask shaped like a vaporeon, a clear sign of being a former vaporeon. There is a glowing purple scar at the back of the yamask, indicating that the death was due to a toxic induced slash.

Stats STR: [3/5] INT: [4/5] AGL: [2/5] CHA: [3/5] BONUS: [+2 in {INT}]  
Move-set Move 1: Psychic

Marshall will launch a strong wave of psychic energy towards his enemy. He can use this in reaching far away objects
Move 2: Dark Pulse

Marshall unleash a pulse that can push his enemies at a certain distance. He has been honing his skills that can disarm any pokemon that happens to hold items that looks dangerous. Somehow, can be used to launch anyone into the air
Move 3: Shadow Ball

Small sized Shadow Ball is launched in rapid fire succession, used to suppress enemy movement. This move was once known before he died.
Move 4: Rain Dance

Marshall's mask will glow blue, summoning rain clouds that causes it to rain for hours before stopping, he uses this to help his lil sister to power up her water type moves. This moves also reminds him of his past life as a vaporeon.

Item 1
Sheriff hat
This hat has a golden explorer's  insignia at the centre of the hat, there is a small tear at the back side of it as something must have slashed it during an attack when he was alive.
Item 2
Lil Stonesby
A homemade gun that uses pebbles as ammunition. He made this when he was young and continuously upgrade its performance. This gun enables the use of Rock Blast and Rock Slide if shot in the air
Item 3
Sparkshot gun
This is another homemade gun after gaining a nice chunk of chargestone from his last adventure. Enables the use of thunderbolt and when the chargestone ran out of power will enable the use of Thunder Wave
Item 4
Gun pouch
This pouch holds his guns obviously, it's a dusty brown color pouch with a star at the left gun pouch indicates his favourite gun used most of the times.

Personality :
Brave: he would stand for anyone who's in trouble and isn't scared to go all out in a binding situation. His huge sense of justice always contribute his moral in getting an outlaw to surrender in one piece.

Silly: he can be like that at such a random time like trying to spit out Water at others only to be blowing a raspberry or jump into the water only to realise he can't swim and having a hard time to levitate due to the weight of the water. Easy to say , he still thinks he's a vaporeon.

Opportunistic: with sharp eyes and quick thinking, he would use anything to turn the tides around especially when things got sticky.

Serious: he is serious in his work and he would not take anything for granted. Though, behind all the serious face, he actually is a kind type of Mon to talk to or even hangout with

Fun facts:
 - He still thinks he's a vaporeon despite knowing he's dead and being a yamask.
 - He thinks that going through walls is magical till now.
 - When nothing interesting happens, he will go polish his mask at a nearby lake while talking to himself about his adventures (so... umm... don't let him catch you peeping his long end story).
 - He helps Anna's training by being a moving target which sometimes he cheats around for fun.

Likes: his team, somebody of the same interest (try guessing his interest), adventure, justice, body of water and time to himself.

Dislike: somebody who disturbs his personal time, going lost and drowning.

Sizzle Burn// male quilava// 36, Hasty// alert to sound// Flash Fire
Primary goal: live up to his former partner's dying wish to roam the world with the one he trust (he was in a different team before joining The Gunslingers)

Physical appearance
Sizzle Burn is a quilava that is slightly different that is he emits a slightly blueish flame at the tip. There is a bite scar on his right ear, a result of him trying to protect his partner from an attack. He has glowing blue eyes after learning a technique from his former partner's local fire mage. The fire that emits from his tail is slightly bigger than the normal.

Stats STR: [1/5] INT: [3/5] AGL: [5/5] CHA: [3/5] BONUS: [+2 in {CHA}]

Move Set 1- Flame Burst

Sizzle would let out a randomly generated size of fire ball that will burst and damage nearby enemy from his paws. He can charge up his attack to enable him to increase coverage.

Move Set 2- Smokescreen

 - Description
 This move is only used when he's caught as he usually works at a far range. He produce thick smoke from the patches of fire around his tail that enables him to escape at ease.

Move Set 3- Quick Attack

 - Description
 Quick Attack is used to increase his movement speed  to reach a certain location in escaping. Sometimes used to increase projectile speed of his slingshot.

Move Set 4- Toxic

This move is used incase of emergencies only. His saliva or paws glows purple and that enables him to fire toxic shots from his slingshot ammunition or combine with his blow pipe will enable him the use of poison sting.

Item 1
Damp Rock bracer

A light brown colored leather bracers that he wears on both arms with a Damp Rock fixed at the centre of it with wave like pattern patched around the bracer. Extends the use of Rain Dance.

Item 2
Lasso Flamer

A fire proof lasso with a fire like design. It can be used to pull anything or latch onto something. This enables the use of Wrap and if combined with Flame Burst will enable the use of Flame Wheel.

Item 3
Burn's Sniping Gallon

His father's ten gallon hat has been prize possession after his death. He found a zoom lens and got his paws on making them into a goggles that he can wear them any time. He will place his zoom lens on his father's hat if not in use. This will greatly increase his accuracy

Item 4
The Sling Blower

A slingshot and a blow dart in one with an explorer's insignia imprint at centre of the tube . His ammunation mostly consist of his Flame Burst but sometimes uses Nevermeltice as projectile which enables him the use of ice shard. The blow dart's ammunition mostly consist of  sharp rocks with or without his toxic spit. This enables the user to use Pin Missle if no toxic spit is applied or Poison Sting if toxic spit is applied.

Brief history:
Sizzle was once a member of  the hunter's guild by the team named Team Altered Thoughts. During his time as a hunter's guild member, he has no idea he was a born mage and his only partner was a zorua named Zachary whom he trusted for life. The time that revealed him as a born mage when he paid a visit to his partner's home town, a small village overrun by mage and witches though, this village is secluded from public and can only accessed by only mage and witches due to the entrance is being sealed by magic that only they can see it. The locals claimed that Sizzle's heart is pure and more of able to control fire at will hence his training got to a good start. Years later and soon, his partner went missing and his corpse is soon to be found in a dungeon in The Valley of Dispair, a dangerous dungeon only the one with the guts to get in shall be able to pass the many waves of fights. The death of his partner left him to grief for years when he remembered his life long wish to explore the world and meet new faces. He left the village in search of a new group to chip in and that is where he met Marshall Steam at a coffee shop.

Sceptical: he kinda have issues in trusting anyone after the death of his partner. He pretty much will stay far from getting into a conversation with new faces but eventually will warm up to anyone after meeting the said person a few times or maybe convince him their trust. However, if anyone started a conversation with him, he would look about from top to bottom till the conversation ends and would raise an eyebrow since he fully supports claims with evidence.

Observant: he is pretty particular with his surrounding especially to find a place for him to either hide or snipe. Of course, he may not be much of a social butterfly like Marshall or Cheryl but at least he kept eyes on them. He even reads the said person by their gesture.

Loyal: very loyal to his team and to those he highly trusts. Sometimes, his loyalty leads him to be extra protective over kids or eggs since this was all cause of Anna that joins in the team.

Patient: his patient brings himself together when observing anyone.

Fun-loving: a bit of his soft spot around kids. He would have berries ready to share amongst the kids he meets while the rest do the talking.

Cautious: well... now that Anna joined the team, he kinda developed this 'parenting instincts' if he plans to leave Anna behind to somebody and that would be breaking down her schedule and things she needed most based on his observation. He usually be the one to look around the most when in a dungeon and with his keen sense of hearing, he could hear traps that are set, even the ones that are well hidden from plain sight.

Likes: practicing his spells, target practice, relaxing under trees, kids, reading and berry farming (cause he can eat his hard earned effort and at the same time train his nature spells on nearby bodies of water)

Dislikes: getting involved in a conversation with new faces (unless Marshall is having a good time then he slowly gets in), anyone knowing that he is a mage (that's the reason for trust issue) and seeing Anna falling ill.

Fun facts:
 - He would always hide his love for kids from the rest except Anna, usually he goes up to have a small bedtime story session with her before going to bed.
 - Somehow, he was assigned as 'uncle' in the team since Anna Brighton is an 'adopted child' of Cheryl and Marshall.
 - He trains Anna according to her mood and he would sometimes give teeny weeny hints of training time when the right time comes that is. Sometimes, he would be dragged by Anna to play but in his way that she too find it fun, skeet.
 - he prefers to train privately and away from the public's view. The only one that can see him train are his team mates, trusted friends and Anna Brighton.
 - his Mage's orb is pretty much the size of an apple that is to compare to and is still training his white magic along with a lil nature

Cheryl Steam// female vaporeon // 24, gentle // often lost in thought // water absorb

Primary Goal : to follow her brother on his adventure

Physical appearance:
Cheryl is a bipedal vaporeon just like her brother and can be mistaken for a male from far. She is born with a 'mud slapped' birth mark on her front paws of a darker fur color. Her eyes are aqua blue on the right and hazel on the left. She has extra fur around her hind paws, apparently inherited her father.

Stats STR : [4/5] INT : [3/5] AGL : [3/5] CHA : [ 2/5 ] BONUS : [+2 in { AGL }]

Move Set 1 - Water Pulse
- - Description
A pulse of water is released from her paws. She learned the chanelling if her water pulse to her hind paws from her brother that enables her to be propelled for the sky.

Move Set 2 - Ice Beam

 - Description
 Cheryl's mouth would have a sudden drop of temperature causing water that would be shot out to be frozen. She has yet to master the use of her paws to release an ice beam so that she could combine it with her water pulse that can be made either as an ice crystal shield or an ice ring.

Move Set 3 - Dig

 - Description
 Cheryl would burrow her way underground, with her keen sense of hearing, she can navigate her way to appear behind or under the enemy. She uses this move  to sometimes dig up herbs for her cooking needs or for medicinal needs.

Move Set 4- Surf

 Cheryl will summon a large tidal wave that wipes the battlefield clean.  She will use this only if her brother says so cause she's still in training when it comes to modifying the size of the said wave.

Item 1
Water Stone scarf

Description :
A scarf that is a mix of different shades of blue that the color pattern matches that of a sea with a chipped off water stone at the stone. The scarf and water stone are gifts from her brother before going on an adventure at sea.

Item 2
Courier bag

A lavender floral patterned bag that was gifted by her mother on her 18th birthday. A girl like her really needs to have something to carry around her supplies of medical and culinary herbs. She hand sew an explorer's insignia on one of the pouch.

Item 3
Seed Shooter

A simple home made gun that looks like a mushroom. She would place seeds into the barrel and fire them for a slight distraction purpose. This enables the user the use of bullet seed.

Item 4
Crusader's Heal Pulse

Description :
A fully tinkered kind of gun that has quite the mechanism to it. Cheryl will place grounded medical herbs and load it into the gun. Then, with some water, the gun fires a pulse like watery projectile that upon contact will heal any sort of injury. The gun will go useless when there is no more grounded medical herbs. This enables the user the move Heal Pulse to be used.

Fun facts:
 - She carries Anna around in her courier bag, not that she hears any complains of any sort from her since the herbs are sealed tight.
 - She hopes to improve her traditional medicine one day but for now she can make simple home remedies and a bit of incenses for meditation.
 - She is Marshall's personal reminder that he isn't a vaporeon anymore.
 - She wouldn't mind a bit for being called mommy by Anna since Marshall and her are the one to be spotted upon hatching.

Likes: reading, collecting herbs, Anna Brighton, the random time her brother acting silly, puzzles, adventures and social hot spots.

Dislike: rude person, thief, sour candies, Anna going missing or sick, feeling useless and anyone stomping her garden herbs

Anna Brighton // shiny female shinx // 6, jolly // likes to scatter things // intimidate
Primary goal: (she's still a lil kid but lets just say, the ambitious type) be like her 'mommy', going on adventure one day with those she can trusts like 'daddy'.

Physical appearance :
Anna is a shiny shinx with a small thunderbolt shaped birth mark on her left paw. Her left eye is aqua blue and her right eye is yellow, apparently her egg came from a litter that has hidden power determined by their eye color. She is a bit shorter than normal shinx apparently being the runt of the litter (and she will shock anyone who calls her shorty or anything related to being short). She does have a lil tooth that sticks out which Cheryl calls it her 'kitty tooth'.

Stats STR : [2/5] INT : [2/5] AGL : [5/5] CHA : [3/5] BONUS : [+2 in {AGL}]

Move set 1:

Description :
She will start to collect free ions in the air and let it loose. Problem about her age is that, its small and won't really lay a scratch on her enemies. Burn apparently deduced that her thunderbolt will grow bigger as she ages but for now will serve as a distraction whenever 'mommy' is in need for an escape.

Move Set 2:
Hidden Power Water

Her mouth will start to be filled with water that she soon can squirt it at anything she sees. She uses this to help her 'mommy' when she is in trouble. Sometimes, she will combine it with her claws or tail but she's still in training with the help of her 'uncle' in order to master the use of Water Claw and Water Swift.

Move Set 3:

Description :
Anna's tail tip will glow and swiping her tail will cause a series of stars to fly in the direction intended. She can combine this move with her hidden power but that require training in order to master the Water Star, an aqua blue Swift that is basically just a water type Swift. The Water Star will reveal its true ability when she has fully trained and of age. The Water Star's true ability would be imagined like having mini Water Pledge being placed down like a trap and can be set off to the user's content usually to serve as a distraction.

Move Set 4 :
Double Team

Description :
Anna will somehow start to gain speed which in return creates images of her. Sometimes, she would make a copy out of the shadow casted by her but will usually drain her quickly. She uses this move to distract anyone and for her own use to get away.

Item 1
Mystic Dew bracelet

Description :
A bracelet with a Mystic Dew attached to it. The bracelet is a mixture of purple, black and white color to match the mystifying night when an aurora phenomenon takes place and has a small explorer's insignia next to the mystic dew. This powers up her Hidden Power water

Item 2
Candy Corn scarf

Description :
A scarf that is being hand made by Cheryl on her 3rd birthday. The scarf is comprised of 3 colors and they are orange, yellow and white. It is being known that she likes candy corn and that made Cheryl got an idea of having a scarf made to have the pattern of a candy corn. Cheryl even included a glowing red stone at the end of the scarf if she ever get scared of the dark which mysteriously if electricity is being applied to it will glow brighter. This enables only electric type pokemon the use flash if electricity is applied and any user the move Follow Me.

Brief history:
Anna Brighton, this poor shinx's egg rolled off its nest when an attack took place. Being found by Cheryl at a nearby river, she took the egg to her care. Burn at first declined her adoption but as the egg hatched during a battle in the dungeons, he quickly made an order to escape and thus Anna is now part of the team as she is being dubbed as 'a lil girl with some hidden talent'

Personality :
Playful: she indeed is for her age and will not stop acting playful when with people. However, she could be stopped when somebody says nasty stuff about the surrounding.

Stubborn: She can go like this if she doesn't get at least a few sweet berries or sweet fruits in a day cause she's a bit of a sweet tooth. She can be stubborn to the point of getting into a fitting tantrum of small shocks if they try to get near her or be a cry baby for the rest of the trip.

Mischievous: she can be like this when she's bored and when this happen, she will start to scatter things around for fun. There will be times where she stays put and behaves herself which would be during a battle in a dungeon.

Kind: having her 'mommy', 'daddy' and 'uncle' as role models, she develops a sense of sympathy towards those in need. She would always be by anyone's side especially her 'mommy' cause she's what matters most. She usually will try her best in helping out in anything.

Clingy: a bit clingy that is... she has this when she met 'mommy' and will always wish to never leave her side. It kinda troubles Cheryl cause leaving her to a babysitter kinda worries her and Anna herself isn't too comfortable with strangers except for 'mommy's friends'.

Fun facts:
 - She enjoys her 'mommy's' courier bag cause it felt like a bed for her.
 - She has her mood when it comes to training and would stubbornly avoid training on her lazy time.
 - She would pass out if she uses her shadow too much to make many copy of herself via double team.
 - She prefer to have her nap on mommy's back uncle's cause its too hot for her to handle.

Likes: playing with uncle, naps, sweet fruits or berries, shocking anyone (mommy will usually be the victim, don't tell her so), mommy, daddy and uncle.

Dislikes: sour and bitter fruits or berry, training all the time, seeing mommy, uncle and daddy hurt, scary story, strangers and not getting enough sweet berries or fruits.

Short story part :

The day at Andalusst sure was a busy one than back at my place. I enjoyed a cup of tea at a nearby cafe while the rest had their personal favourite "isn't this wonderful, some rest after a long day with a nice cup of tea" I told them as they agreed to my statement as I kept an eye on Anna "hopefully after tea, we might just find a place to stay for the night" I hoped as I finish up my cup of tea and then proceed to pay the bill for our meal.

Anna soon got into Cheryl's courier bag as we took a nice walk to be caught by the nice sunset of Andalusst "daddy! Sunset, look!" She called out with a paw pointing towards the sky as I agreed to her "its beautiful!" She continued as I looked around to see a magmar not far and within our range of hearing.

"Ah, ain't she a beauty," a raspy, yet feminine, voice grumbles from behind. I shift my gaze to the sound, knowing where it is coming from. The owner of that voice is a hefty Magmar, covered in dirt and sweat. She sports a long, tattered cloak and a pair of tight-fitted sleeves. The silver charm that hangs securely over the front of her cape tells you that she is a guild member that is branded with the Hunters Guild insignia. She gives you a subtle smirk.

Quickly, Cheryl picks up Anna before she even gets a chance to run around "not now Anna, be a good girl and soon, you get sweet berries" she coaxed her before she gets into a fitting and shocking tantrum "this magmar must have got into a lot of work" she whispered to me as I kept calm as the magmar approached us.

The magmar's hearty laughter sure caught me off guard "seven years in the guild and I've ever seen your face before" she said, eyeing my team and I. Somehow, she's being somewhat 'polite' and spit out a hefty amount of molten lava away from us which soon cools down from its glowing red hot to a black lump on the ground "I'm bad at r'memberin' names, but I sure as hell like ta try, ah'll give ye mine if you give me yours," she offered us as luckily Cheryl blocks Anna's ear for the moment, I'm not going to have Anna be a potty mouthed girl one day.

I shook my head in slight confusion "very well, I'm Marshall Steam, leader of this explorer team by the name 'The Gunslingers' and the rest would be Cheryl Steam and Sizzle Burn" I introduced myself while motioning my ghostly hands to the rest of the team as I then huffed in annoyance.

 Her brows rise slightly as our side of the introductions is told. Nodding her head while wrapping a finger on her lip, she says, "Yeah I won't remember that" holding out a hand, she fulfills her side of the bargain "Th'name's Virago, Senior Hunter Guild Member, if you can't tell by the trinket I'm adorned with"

He looked at the magmar with pure annoyance what in the world! I just wasted my breath over some ignorant magmar I thought angrily at her, I felt I just want to leave her to be but something tells me that I should stay a bit longer.

I felt a paw holding me firmly on my shoulders "you know, we are actually on our way to find a place to call the night" said Sizzle in a stern tone.

Suddenly, Virago swings a friendly punch on his shoulder which made him flinched as he rubs it off  "So, buddy", the Magmar continues "are you new here? Need a friendly ol' soul to show you the ropes of the city?"

I shook my head "we've been for quite a while so I don't think it's necessary to show us around Andalusst" I replied  as I rested myself on my lil sister's shoulder.

Cheryl patted Anna's head before she begins "we did mention we were from the explorer guild so that is our reason" she told her, looking around aimlessly at her surrounding.

A goofy grin emerges from her face  "well why didn'cha say so?" Virago chuckles, bringing Sizzle into an awkward, one-armed hug. Her grasp on him looks quite tight, and she forces him into moving along with her as she continues "So... how long have you been in the guilds? What guilds are you affiliated with? Have ya switched over several different guilds before? Give me details, ol' friend. The more the merrier" .

I huffed again, this is just too much "fine... you better get this" he started as he recalls his times before his death "during my time at the explorer guild, we are quite loyal to the guild" I spoke as Anna popped out from the bag "before Sizzle, the quilava besides me, I worked alone for like three years and that is when he showed up" I continued the story as Sizzle gave me a smirk "I died after an attempt to get out alive from an attack so this is how I am now" I tried to skip all sorts of details since she kinda breaches my personal space "that is all I could say as for now" I ended that long winded story and boy she really is testing my temper as she shook her head then gave me another goofy smile.

"Interesting, interesting!" Virago says ecstatically, giving us tons of eye contact. I look around my surrounding and see that we are now in a completely different side of Andalusst. The once colorful, cheerful and lively place turn to a gloomy, creepy and dark area. I can hear Anna whined and that shows how much she wish to be somewhere else and it's like now.

I tried to make up some sort of excuse "listen, I appreciate the hospitality but I think we have some better business to take care of" I spoke as I looked back at the rest but geez, this magmar didn't think of stopping.

No matter what I try to tell her, the Magmar ignores every word I said. After a while, she stops moving, which is kinda predictable really. Taking out a few pieces of molten metal from out of her sleeves, she lets us go and focuses her attention on something a tad bit more important: a lock. Using those metal pieces, she fiddles with the inner workings of the door.   The door's lock clicks loudly and the door is open very abruptly. Not by Virago, but by a taller, more menacing foe: a yellow, sheared battery ram wearing nothing but a pair of goggles and a baggy, multi-colored jacket. The bulbs on his tail and forehead glow a feint red, in which adds to the flurry of faunal light. His glance meets not your eyes, but the magmar. He just stands there without saying a word.   After a while, he snaps back into focus "Stop picking locks", the Ampharos tells his Magmar 'friend' before walking away into the darkness of the home. This entire conquest seems meaningless, but Virago turns to face us nevertheless. "This is my home!" she shouts "since we're buds an' all, I thought that it'd be polite to show you where I live. You can leave now, don't think my buddies would take kindly to strangers in our living quarters this late at night"

I huffed in annoyance finally! I thought to myself as the others especially Cheryl and Anna made their way back to the entrance of this creepy side of Andalusst.

As I go and turn to leave, Virago starts to yip incomprehensible blabber to get my team's attention. When she has it, she waves shyly and says, "Goodbye. Have fun getting back home!" She once more interrupts us but she actually hands you something this time. It's a rock. She tries to convince me that it is a special kind of rock, but in actuality, it does nothing really special.  

Sizzle raised his brows "really now, a lil plain stone as a gift? Nice try" he shot his words at her, all stern at her sly tricks.

"Nah I'm kiddin', "Virago chortles, handing you a large, lit stick so we can go home safely. The Magmar smiles at us. She doesn't interrupt you while we're leaving this time, though she does slam the door loudly behind her. Once you get out of that place, then we'll have much-needed relaxation and a place to stay.
PMDU written npc team meme: The Gunslingers
Oh the joy of making this a reality, who knows that The Gunslingers from Firestorm's story back at the Frosty Festivities isn't merely an imagination. Looks like somebody picks the wrong book to start off a story. Anyway, feel free to cameo this team while I as the owner :meow: shall have a story made (should have done this a long time ago after the deadline of the contest)

Mage's orb concept belongs to StarLynxWish 

Blank meme is here:…
Shrink Ray Trouble! [Contest Entry] by browser-surfer14
Shrink Ray Trouble! [Contest Entry]
apparently i got myself rushed and this is what turned out OTL

no time for sfm lately so i got my creativity a bit dusty but still,  enjoyed doing this entry. i could say, its a bit messy and such due to lack of idea. also, this is the first time going tiny XDD like 0.28673 scale thing for all the characters is like 'wow! my first playing around with fun size'

there is more than just this but due to lack of space in the camera and me trying to apply the rules of thirds just crams everything up. i kinda got inspired by a song, its just me, links below to hear it.

Crazy Frog- Popcorn…

Pocket Ethin is all credit to Sir-Ethin and this is my entry for the contest. it was fun while in the making :meow: good luck to the rest who are participating the contest
1.         I went out from our guild issue housing and went to checked our mailbox "hopefully there's something interesting today" I mummbled with a cup of tea in my tail as I took the bunch of letters as I checked them one by one with no interest at the moment. Let me see... junk, junk, advertisements I thought to myself, passing them over to Firestorm as I came across a glittery and well decorated mail. I was about to tear it open only to have dropped the letter as it made me grumble a bit for being so clumsy with my paws "there, now then, lets head back to our house and get the details up" I told him as he went back home and placed the letter on the table for him to handle it with Psychic. I took a sip of the tea and noticed that the content to be an invitation to the Frosty Festivities down at The Avalodge "a cold place for a nice festival, that's cool" I gave a giggle at the pun I made as I finish up the tea.

2.         Firestorm... he isn't much of the party goer but he enjoys the party environment that is "looks like I may not be-" he paused as I saw him bringing over the invitation closer "I'm joining in!" He jumped for joy as he dash out the house as I caught the flying invitation, shaking my head. The details states that there is a research on those Nevermeltice properties and that is the reason I like a good ol backup plan.

3.         I went to search the chest that has our winter gear in it, funny thing about Stormy is that he may be fire-type but he still needs something to warm him up, oh well, I'm no fire-type myself but I'll be sure to read up on those later. I search about to only found his gears but mine is not to be found as I checked again and I simply laughed quietly to myself cause the chest are name coded. I set up the winter gears by the clothes hanger and read up the details of the event for those party goers ice sculpture... not going, bobbing after apples... definately going, dancing... I'm gonna be watching them and bonfire thing... I'll leave that to Stormy to handle I ended my train of thoughts as I left the house.

4.         As I was about to make a move, I squealed when two eevees ran passed me as one of them laughed about and one of them wears an orange vest kids..always up and running I thought about my childhood moment with a giggle, Team Coffee 'n Creme, twins in a team which is quite cute actually but better meet up with Firestorm with his winter gear first. Fun tauught me about the ability of an electric type can be utilitize to have lightning reflex as I focussed on the ions in the air and then made a run for it. Things around got slower and then eventually stopped at their tracks when suddenly everything got back to normal "being all quickfeet just gonna end up crashing into something" Firestorm teased me with his Psychic as I helplessly flail in the air "oh well, at least my gear is still in one piece" he thanked me as he placed me down as I shook my messy fur due to the run "come on now, better get there as soon as possible" he gestured to followby as I followed behind as I notice a shiny vaporeon on an avalugg "there we go, Team Whiteout on their way" he said, as I nudged him as to be sure to behave and sort. I watched the books Firestorm brought, balanced carefully on his back with the help of his Psychic obviously as we reached The Avalodge, I took a whiff of the cold air from the lodge.

5.         I wore my winter gear as I passed over his gear "suit up Stormy, its cold in there" I reminded him as I took off but something blocked my path, an invisible wall as I look back to see him coming over "ready for the party?" I asked him as he simply nodded as we went in.

6.         The place is being made of  ice like they all said and the place is so lively "the music, the community and oh the games! It's like a dream, somebody pinch me!" I squealed joyfully as I head for the refreshments, nothing beats the party without a nice juice punch "doing good Firestorm? There's the facepainting thing somewhere" I wondered, looking about as the speakers in the lodge gave quite the pitch and then settled off.

7.         Firestorm and I shifted our attention to the floatzel on the stage, Cassidy the gunslinging like accent floatzel "well, boy 'n girls 'n folks, welcome to Avalodge's Frosteh Festivities!" He started as he cleared his throat a bit as he adjusted his scarf "y'all ready to have some fun cause the party's just gettin' stared and 'ah reckon' that everyone are hot on their toes for the bobbin' fer apples contest" he announced, lights then focused on the tubs in the middle of the lodge where an eevee with a white hood named Elise and a shiny absol with a black colored gem hat sat named Demetri not far from the tubs shown Team Synergy, I think I got the name right I thought to myself as I approached the tubs "now then, the rules all simp'l, y'all just be bobbin' for them apples and those of yer thinkin' they're one quickie footsies, more points for yer guild y'all in" he explained us the simple rules as I gave the water a test but I pulled out just by the tip of my paws touched it "and another thang, don't go meddling around with yer paws and psychic ability, let yer mouth do all the talkin', y'all got it crystal clear" he concluded as he gave those bells a ring that gave the green light to start the match.

8.         I looked at my opponent for the match, three from each guild that is. The explorer's team, that would be me, Clyde the eevee of Team Coffee 'n' Creme and Sarah Jane Smith the purrloin of Team Temporal Travellers. The researchers, not that I recognise them in details cause Firestorm has been hanging out with the researchers lately  but let me see... Sydney the purrloin of Team High Rollerz, Ziarah the meowstic of Team Dream Fighters and Stardust the vaporeon of Team Sonnet. Finally the hunters guild, I heard about them from Fun but hopefully to be able to start a light chat if I get the chance. Anyway, at least they're kindly enough to introduce themselves, Angora the kirlia of Team Moonlit Candles, Grace the zorua of Team Trickyfoxy and Alpha the zorua of Team EverFlame. The first in line would go first and I took a deep breath as I stared aimlessly in the tub, apples bobbing in the cold water "good luck everyone!" I chirped as Angora, Maya and I took our positions "go!" I announced as my head is being greeted by the cold water of the tub. I pulled my head out of the tub to catch a breath and dove back to get the apples, I kept getting it slipped right off my bite.

9.         Everyone cheered for me, I can't let them down! I tried again for the fifth time and finally snag an apple out of the tub but at the same time got a teeny bit of electrical discharge which hopefully just cause them to get those tinggling sensation. I finished off the apple when my ears kept twitching like mad "geronimo!" The voice spoke as the blur came crashing into the tub with an apple now in his jaws as he took it out "eheh... sorry there partner, got a bit of the ol' dare from that there backstage" said Cassedy while pointing to the stage curtain that rustle a bit as I giggled when he got out and refilled the tub "score for the explorer! And git them apples back" he said as Firestorm placed the apples that flew out of the tub with Psychic "y'all better keep track of them score, ain't it sweet if we git those high score rakin' up, eh"  he winked and nudged the other explorer guild member in line before leaving. I simply shook my head, that floatzel sure brings the party mood in as I went back to see Firestorm... that looks like he has will-o-wisp fire out of his eyes now.

10.         I gave him a hug "such a cute lil face art" I told him as I notice a slender like eevee walked pass by with an antique vest worn above her winter coat, Team Auspice, Cassandra the eevee, heard alot from Fun as being told by him, he regularly see her walk pass his parlor I thought to myself as we sat by the chairs provided with some food on our plates "so, still got the book fully intact?" I teased him as he playfully pushed me, showing the books and not far from our table is an oshawatt with an egg, very well wrapped with a winter gear specifically made for it "she's Cowrey also known as Mommawott, right? The egg sure is a curious topic to talk about" I asked him as he nodded in agreement "in this chilly place, she would really need a helping hand with her egg, eggs can't be left to freeze" I continued as I finished some of those roasted berries as a smeargle with a blue-ish scarf with a crescent moon pin at the centre ran in a hurry as we went to see the problem.

11.         The tub we arrived seemed to have a hat and a goggle floating in the tub "clean up on tub ten! Ditto mixed water!" One of them sounded off as Firestorm levitated the whole tub water out along with the ditto "poor thing" he spoke softly as he tried to seperate the water from the ditto, "Noah, hope you're ok after the dive" he said as he sort of 'reshape' him back to how a ditto looks like initially. The good thing is that Noah can still interchange from ditto to riolu and back like the usual is all that makes me quite reliefed after the wet trip somebody must have tickled him I thought to myself as I followed Firestorm for desserts "isn't it wonderful, they have chocolate ice cream here!" He chirped as he got a bite of it, savouring the taste of the rich chocolate, which that is what written on the label that is. I didn't waste any of my time with the strawberry ice cream and some vanilla ice cream mixed together.

12.         I took my time, not far from us is a vulpix and a poochyena I think they're from Team Obscure Steam, Acacia and Morfeo respectively, both having a light chat with the hunter's guild member, Team Everflame that is comprised of a ninetales named Shimmer and the zorua I met earlier at the bobbing for apple contest. I was about to get that strawberry-vanilla mix into my mouth when the microphone went off again which made me shock Firestorm by accident "alright everyone! Time for the score announcement and we have ourselves the hunter's guild leadin' the way while the explorer's and researcher's trailin' them behind" he announced as everyone cheered about the score "now then, y'all get yer ice pickin' skills up a notch cause y'all be makin' ice scuplture from these lil blocks of ice" he pointed out as the lights beam at the block of said ice "now, these ice here ain't big enough fer the big ol mineshaft of creativity so think small unless yer an ice-type yerself then full steam ahead!" He continued with joy as we sat by the side, I'm more of a writer myself than an ice sculpturer. 

13.         I watched as what came into my sight during the ice sculpture contest, Cassandra's ice sculpture slowly and surely coming into shape to make up the shape of the King piece of the chess board of being noted for it's nobility and pride of the game as checkmate leads to a lost of the game. Smiling at her for a great job, we proceed into watching the others "look at that! A cresent moon!" Firestorm called out as I got my attention locked onto the cresent moon with some lanterns that lit the ice sculpture "and not to mention having it painted too" he added as he approached the corner of the Avalodge where researchers gather about to study the properties of Nevermeltice. Team Moonlit Candle sure got their talent on making a candle shape ice sculpture with a full moon shaped mark at the centre of the candle shaped ice. Something kinda amazed me actually, a crystal tiara ice sculpture with some purple colored lantern surrounding the sculpture apparently a literal meaning of Queen Illusion, a team consists of a zorua named Shadow and a shiny zorua named Luna. 

 14.         I shook myself to reality as I rush to the researcher's corner that I luckily able to catch a falling stack of Nevermeltice that was being carried around by a shiny leafeon named Solon from Team Savoir Faire. Thanking me, I nodded with a smile before approaching Firestorm "there you are! I've been looking all over for you" he spoke with an egg tightly secured in his scarf "could you help me find a book related to Nevermeltice please, I gotta keep close to Mommawott you know" he spoke as he flipped about the book he currently have with him which made me kinda wanna tease him for no reason as I snickered. 

15.         I searched for the book while I cringed for laughter "you know Stormy, since you practiced going bipedal, you need a better name" I spoke as he simply rolled his eyes in annoyance while flipping the other book he had "maybe 'Daddykin' or... 'Firedad' would suite ya" I laughed about while rolling about on the floor as he gave my tail a yank "fine..." I huffed as I got back to searching the book he need and once I found it, I gave him the said book all opened up for him to start searching. Apparently I just realized that there are about three similar copies of the book as I went to help push a stack of Nevermeltice that is being handled by an azumarill named Magnolia Sky of Team White Blossoms there we go I thought to myself as I got back to Firestorm as he has his Psychic up, observing every inch of the chunk of Nevermeltice while my curiosity spikes again to look around. Maya the zorua and Lucy the fennekin of Team Flair both discuss amongst themselves about the Nevermeltice while over the another corner is a shiny zangoose, honestly the name got twisted in my memory bank but all I could make up is Stefano gathering some books to further his research.

16.         He turned around and toss a chunk of Nevermeltice in the air while using Flamethrower "must be the molecular structure of the ice that makes it unique" he muttered the findings while jotting down his theory "could you do something?" He asked me as he passes over a hammer and a chisel as I took the hammer with my tail and the chisel is being handled by Firestorm "testing for the hardness of the ice" he said as I gave a nice whack on the chisel to see that the ice broke into smaller pieces "you know what this means?" He asked me which made me wonder actually "Nevermeltice is chemically resistance against heat but not physical resistance towards force" he concluded, jotting down every last details. He tapped his chin, tail wagging fast like he had something in mind "what if they're being made synthetically? Like, what if it's just regular ice then being subjected to the coldest of temperature until the molecule stays put 'till no heat can break their bonds" he began and now I'm slowing down to digest those scientific question, could have sworn to join the researchers but... let's just say... it was my idea to join the explorer's in the first place and Firestorm has the bright idea when things took a turn. I took out the invitation, the one that is currently on going is the ice sculpture and then outdoor events coming up "hey Glitter, ever wonder, what if we make our own Nevermeltice" he said in a dreamy tone as I stop to think.

17.         I shook my head "we don't know what's inside this sort of ice so why make it if we don't know" I replied as I look around again, ice sculpture done and the judging time comes where tensions are melting. Suddenly something came up "what if this sort of ice has a refreezing property" I voiced out as I then hid my face behind Firestorm's tail "don't notice me!" My voice is all muffled up due to his tail hopefully none would notice me as I heard the sound of pencil writing which made me look from behind Firestorm's back to see him write about the refreezing property of the said ice. He gave me a smile as he placed down his notes and sat back for the moment cause goin bipedal is a tiring work but soon... when he evolves, its gonna be nothing to him anyway. I watched with joy, one by one, each ice sculptures being judged by the guild leaders "I wonder who might claim first place?" I asked him as he simply shrugged then I continued to watch them judge and on came in the results. I notice an arcanine passed by with a bunch of papers in its mouth Fenna of Team Gamble, maybe she has a similar result as Firestorm I thought to myself as I allowed myself to relax despite the freezing temperature of the lodge that is.

18.         The explorer's are taking the lead but will we actually manage to maintain the ranking in a dance off as the music picks up the pace to get into the fiesta mood "I think I'm goin to wind myself a lil outside, you know, get some fresh warm air" he said as he made his way to the exit but stopped to help a bipedal vulpix named Evangeline of Team Twinkling Orbits. Somehow, my eyes can't help from being locked on to Dante of Team Compass Rose, I mean... his dance move is just... undescribable with those flips and ah! He's hot on the dance floor that I by accident got a block of Nevermeltice sliding across the dance floor as I chased after it. I got bumped a few times, one from Team Moonlit Candle, one by Orpheus from Team Lyrelight and one from Team Tuft Troupe "one day, I've to learn some dodging dance move" I muttered as the ice came to a stop at last as I gave a sigh of relief. I creeped up on the block of ice when suddenly, somebody pulled me up "oh no, I think it took me at the wrong place" I gulped as I was being twirled like some sort of waltz or something. I contineuosly like a mad top that the Nevermeltice seemed to have knocked out to another location why do I end up in the drunk section of the lodge... I can't think straight anymore I complained in my thoughts as I regain or maybe lost my sense of orientation "when life gives us melons... we make lemonade..." I mummbled my jumbled up thoughts as I went around like a spinda on Teeter Dance "I have- not gone out- every- single one of ya melons!" I continued walking around like a drunk pokemon in a party and then things got blurry that I blacked out on the spot.

19.         I woke up a bit later to be greeted by Firestorm "what in blue blazes you're doing on the ice cold floor?" He asked me as he picked me up which made me shake off anything that sticks to my winter gear as I got closer to him "there there, I got you some berries from Fun's place" he showed me a small packet of assorted berries as we sat near an eevee with a red vest named Evelyn chatting about with her turtwig partner, Victor, apparently from Team Mystic. The party's wonderful with all sorts of things goin on and boy the dance off is getting intense! Like oh Dante, his attract, charming indeed "umm... Glitter, you ok?" He asked me but all I got was nothing to reply as if being in a dream with that oh Prince Charming until I got slapped back to reality what just happened? I asked myself as I got a bit quirky and off for the moment, Attract is quite the move to attract those ladies if you know what I'm saying. He shook his head in disappointment as I blushed a bit "don't you go falling for that attract" he huffed my blush grew brighter. Team Dragon Tamer, Serendipity the espurr let out sparks of thunder wave making them look like mini firework went off with Leviathan doin his thing on the dance floor. Team Shooting Stars is interesting, with Swift and a nice breakdance move is like the best combo for a magnificent spike in the scoreboard! I took a bite of the oran berry when Team Queen Illusion passed by our table, Illusion ability would sure be a wonderful use in story telling by the bonfire as being stated in the list of events.

20.         I faced Firestorm with a curious look on my face "you know, I kinda wonder, if the table looks like an avalugg... how to tell the difference between a table and the real thing?" I asked him as he pointed at the eyes "eek! We're on the real one! Habakkuk... umm... we mean no harm" I spoke nervously as he quietly chuckled at me, as we quickly got everything off of him " that was close " I whispered to Firestorm as my fur stood on their edges, attempting to calm down my nervous self. I head outside for some fresh warm air with Firestorm and to the field to see if there's anything interesting goin on. There's a vulpix running about the field, must be Alex the vulpix of Team Fire Spirit,  the sports event is coming up and a nice warm up is needed to pump up that competitive spirit "we might need a good warming up before the big baseball match" I told him as he sat by the spectators seat as I made few laps around the field when a vaporeon with darker fur color on both front paw sporting a star piece bracelet at the base of the tail came to sight. I looked at her with a determined look as I tried to out speed her and once I do, I stopped to catch a breath as she too stopped for the same purpose as I offered her some berries I brought along Oseye of Team Soft Hearts, I wonder where Nono is, maybe hanging around an apple tree nearby I thought to myself as I waved goodbye before approaching Firestorm.

21.         Not far from us, Team Chronicle that consist of a drowzee named Illusia and a hoothoot named Athena busy calculating something, maybe they anticipated the baseball match and maybe some other sport games in order to get the best out of it "so, how's the egg goin?" I asked him as he giggled at me "I'm assuming it is doin great then" I replied with slight confidence, seeing him holding the egg like its a fragile treassure to him. I got back inside The Avalodge and I think I missed the scoreboard announcement oh well, I hope explorer's leading the scoreboard I sighed disappointedly as everyone went to the field where Firestorm read a book together with the egg as I dash up to him.

22.         I watched as I gave the egg a light tap,  curious of what lies in that egg "y'all havin' a good time! Cause the fun just began" he announced as he flicked his twin tails with joy "now, y'all know this is where we all get down and dirty with sports!" He continued as he all sorts of sports equipment then got our attention with the sound of his clicking paw "this equipment aren't ours to start with so be sure to come back with it in one piece and if anything that seemed like it'll punch a hole or two, drop it and think of somethin' useful" he reminded us all as he showed us the baseball field. He went to the scoreboard not far "first round, Team Explorer against Team Hunter!" he announced as I got quickly got into the crowd that were busy making the team.

23.         Firestorm... he had his big dreams in any sports games, that would be those sports comentator as I saw him climbed up an outpost nearby with the egg still tied to his scarf with I think reinforced with Psychic "is this thing on? Testing?" He started as he gave the microphone a light tap and then the sound of his throat clearing is heard "anyway, welcome everyone of Andalusst to our very first baseball league" he said joyfully as I giggled at the energy in his voice "today, we have Team Explorers going on a face off with Team Hunters for the first round while Team Researchers will be goin on a face off with Team Explorer at the other field" he said as cheers and chanting are heard, heading to the batter's corner, I have to be sure I recognise my teammates. Let me see, Alexis the growlithe from Team Inferno, Jubilee or Jube the leafeon from Team Mystic Grove, Rowly the zoroark from Team Unity Star, Cliff the eevee, Henry the pikachu of Team Atmia Siege, Noah good as new from our first meet earlier and Ray of Team Shooting Stars.

25.         The sound of flipping pages can be heard and then a few thumpings about "right! Sorry bout that, play ball!" He called out as Noah took to the batter's box "Exploring Slugger against Hunter Striker! Lets give em a round of cheers!" He commented as I took a deep breath as I watched, the riolu took his stance as the pitcher, Grace the zorua, with her tail swishing about "pitcher's takin her time, what is she up to for a zorua with illusion at her disposal" he said as she made her shot and missed the first swing as the crowd of hunters cheered "oh! The illusion! Can our lil slugger take the second shot" he added the tension to the game as the second shot made a huge miss as the crowd gasp at the huge miss and then the last attempt... its a hit! The riolu, made it to the first base with a safe in hand.

26.         Ray the luxio, he's next, hopefully there's a change in the pitcher "oh, looks like we have ourselves a change in pitcher, how will this go" he notified the crowds as Shimmer took the shift, this time, giving a slow will-o-wisp ball "will-o-wisp slow ball! It's a wonderful hit with a flying Swift ball and this is just in!  Everyone's in every base! Will the Exploring Sluggers score a home run!" He said as he waved at me and my pitcher is a snivy, glaring at me with an evil grin, he... taunted me. The rage! Argh! I lost control of myself and then snapped me back to reality "oh no! Trouble strikes for Exploring Slugger's third batter and is in a bit of a bind!" He commented as the next swing failed due to a vine snared around my paws as I got furious.

27.         I twitched my tail, dug my claws in the ground and glared furiously as I saw a green Psycho cut styled Leaf Blade fast ball coming my way! I dropped the bat and used Iron Tail that made me spin at a spot "a wonderful hit! Run Glitter! I think I have a feeling of a HOME RUN!!!" he shouted for joy through the microphone as we made a leisure run around the field to claim 3 points for the first half of the first inning. The explorer's turn to defend the title and I'm up to face a furfrou named Connor, sporting a green scarf with red gems in the centre and black tips of both ends focus! He's strong,  I can tell but I can't help to wish to be sure to give this a three strikes out I thought to myself, looking back at him, I let a nice thunderbolt fast ball but the ball came out like clones for a fair ball as I saw a nice 'home run' but it hit the light post as Henry caught the fair ball.

28.         "The fair ball's caught and what's this! Oh this is interesting! Lightning fast ball to the right fielder and oh so close!" He commented, Connor made it at such a good timing before being called 'out' as I flicked my tail as I switched place with Henry as I looked around "Henry the pikachu took the spot, two electric-type in a row, where are we heading to this time" he commented again as Henry manage to score a double strikeout "double down! One more strikeout and this concludes first inning" he said as Elvira the glaceon took the batter's box the advantageous thing about her is the use of gravity and momentum to her advantage I thought to myself, the ball flew as I used thunderbolt to propel myself up for the ball but some ice shard pushed the ball off my reach "woo! That accuracy! Who knows this is some turn of events everyone! " he added as I land face first as Cliff got the ball and made a quick attack induced throw towards the approaching first base but still failed to call it an 'out'.

29.         I huffed as I shook myself from the dirt as I hope the final strikeout is near "come on team! We can do this!" I gave some moral boost as Henry prepared something I've not seen before, his fingers as if collecting electricity in the air while his body is engulfed in electrical energy. 

30.         The ball gained electrical power "target locked, Voltage Set, Distance Measured, awright ready...FIRE!" He called out as the shot came like a super charged Electro Ball that cause the umpire to be knocked out a few meters away as I went speechless.

31.         Eight innings later, Exploring Slugger are leading the match by a score difference from Hunter Striker "the match is way intense than a battle! Exploring Sluggers are leading by just a point, will we see a barrier broken up cause here we go! Final inning and winner takes it all" he spoke as we got to our order once again "alright, we're gonna try and win this! Give em all you have" I briefed everyone as I gave everyone a leppa berry when I looked out by the box, looks like they've got their defence as solid as rock "defense has tighten up and we are goin all out" I briefed them as Noah made it to the second base safely.

32.         "Boy oh boy! Hunter Strikers are going out with their defences, could we do a slight rule change... no? Good luck Exploring Sluggers! Defend your way through a series of attack while scoring" he said as Ray took the next in line against Connor's double team curve ball, those sharp eyes are in need to spot the real ball from their illusions. The shots made after two strikes, Swift are being launched towards the flying ball which managed to actually go slightly out of course and managed to score a safe on the first plate and same goes for the third. My turn, to twist the game around! That snivy, glaring at him, electrcity fully charged as he used the same tactic as I scored a nice hit as I made a run for it "the ball is up and flying! Wait! Screw that! Elvira chasing for the ball, Swift came in knocking her out of reach! The ball flew a different direction! A nice dodge from an incoming Gear Grind! Ah there are two players left for the complete run! Ice shards rained the path, dodged it with grace!" He went full force in his commentary as the sound of a thump is heard, probably the most intense commentary ever made. I giggled at how much he actually passed out from the whole commentary as Jube took the spot, two outs and a hit when suddenly the sun ray intensified as I finished up the run and... like everyone is really trying to be sure nobody touches the ball as we all made it safely back to home base. 

33.         I climbed up to see him resting on the Luke plush with the egg in his grasp as I switched off the microphone "sleep tight Stormy, you deserved it" I spoke as I spent my time looking at Mommawott's egg as I notice a tape recorder, he must have wished to never let this be forgotten as I took it and placed it besides him. I wondered if there's any new sports to participate, dodge ball maybe, I'm not sure to join in since my tail isn't that big to wrap around the ball. I tried to get Team Chronicle's attention as they kindly help out bringing both Firestorm and the egg down from the outpost.

34.         I gently shook Firestorm to wake up "Stormy..." I spoke softly as he twisted away from me as I left him to wake up at his pace "anything, I'll be at the track events" I reminded him as I head off to the track field, the crowds cheering like no other! I sat besides Phoebe the espeon from Team Iksura "this track event seemed odd" I said as somebody tapped my back to be seeing Cassidy chuckling.

35.         He swished his tail and made a jump to the bottom of the spectator's seat "this lil race is team based! A full round of this 'ere track where teams are bein' placed at specific place of the track" he explained the sports as I watched the location of the guild leader "y'all got to pass the baton to them but this ain't yer ol' pass the baton, yer gonna be using attacks against each other to advance" he continued his explanation "one runner and one defender and one distractor, that's all ya need to keep in mind and if ya baton fell off yer grip, go get 'em back also, ya can change roles so don'cha worry" he ended as he went to the starting line.

36.         I stood up and got to the second station with Oseye and Shin from Team Atmia Siege, I'm the runner and she'll be defender and he'll be a distractor"runners! Take yer positions!" He called out with a flag in one paw "ready... set... go!" He counted down as he waved the flag and off they go Pippin, Zeke of Team Cosmix Beat and Jube, try the best you can I thought to myself, series of small shadow balls can be seen from a distance "this isn't going to be a good ending for us explorers" I muttered as the hunters are in range of sight when suddenly something odd got into action, a Volt Switch! The emolga passed me the baton as the rest followed behind.

37.         I managed to stop in time as I threw the baton in the air to pass it on to Oseye as I defended her from an incoming leaf blade "Twist Edwords... we meet again" I spoke as I flicked him to an off guard stance as I tackled him off the track as I got a thunderbolt towards a froakie that is about to use water pulse "oh snap!" I scoffed as I was pulsed meters away from my team as I rushed towards them while dodging a series of water pulse. I got to the pace of my team and used flash "for those who didn't anticipate this, see ya!" I teased as we got ahead and passed the baton to the last in line. I rolled on the track playfully, at last! Hopefully we win as a team like awesomeness rained on our parade!

38.         Then I got up, giggled as Firestorm pounced me playfully "that was awesome! Like seriously awesome!" He gave me a hug, a tight one to be exact "see ya at the bonfire, I've to collect something from Fun" he said as he went off to Fun's parlor. The sun is still up, almost to sunset as I went to watch some other sports going on like badminton and dodge ball. I cheered for the explorers, a game would be so incomplete without a nice cheer for your favourite team. The match lasted just in time for sunset, the scoreboard announcement came, explorers lead again with a score difference of 10 from the researchers and five from the hunters.

39.         The floatzel cheered together with us all "told ya we party harder than y'all but, as good ol' sportsmanship goes, we congratulate everyone for trying their best in everythin' cause everyone's a winner!" He congratulated everyone as he gestured us to the bonfire area "y'all get cozy now and wind down with a nice bonfire, so gather round" he said as I joined his bonfire along with Pandora the furfrou of Team Adroit along with her family, Lucas the buizel and Kenia the bunelby of Team Victorious, Flare the flareon and Breezy the eevee from Team Stoneheadge, Marlowe the eevee with his egg from Team Excelsior and Apollo the riolu with Cyric the eevee from Team Ferus and not to forget Seasal the pyroar of Team Frozenpaws where would CC be? Must have gone to a different themed bonfire probably I wondered to myself as I shrugged it off. The big theme here is adventure... well... every bonfire has their own lil theme and this adventurous bonfire is just what needed to wind down.

40.         We had s'morse, a light chat with the rest and then I caught something in line of my hearing range "hey ho! Brought everyone berries to rustle up for tonight's bonfire" greeted Firestorm as he jumped off Fun's back as both Fun and Via took a seat "anyway, hope you don't mind having them around" he said as they dug the sack full of berries as Cassidy starts first. 

41.         His cowboy like adventure sure got me excited, I mean who would have know in his story a partner can suddenly turn their back over for gold like so not cool. Soon, more joined our place as Firestorm got himself ready for a nice adventure story "just start slowly ok, you'll get the pace soon" I told him as he took a deep breath as I went to Grace, whispered to her about using her illusion ability and then went to find a twig "you ready?" I asked  him as he nodded. 

42.         He held onto his Luke plush "so, it all started with an explorer team, they're known as 'The Gunslingers' for being the masters of home crafted guns that comprised of a bipedal vaporeon named Marshall Steam and a quilava named Sizzle Burn. These two fight bad guys and uncover hidden treassure locked up in dungeons. One day, the two went on to visit their guild only to be met with a note of ransom stating that Skull Island is the place to go"  

43.         Cassidy simply tapped his chins "nah I don't think there's such thang as 'The Gunslingers' back in mah days" he voiced out as Firestorm levitated Via's glove and hushed him "sorry sir, this 'ere just the ol' make belief story" he told him as he cleared his throat. 

44.         "Skull Island, most explorers there recognise the place a pirate ridden area, no sailors ever crossed the boundary and if they do, pirates there have no mercy over the trespassers. Visiting wise man's house, Riddleton at the edge of town, they seek some words and all they got was riddles. of course, one of them says about unity, the next talks about secret route and last one talks about. Our heroes sets out to find the first clue, unity and the only one place is a cave"

45.         He paused for a moment "a cave? Why a cave when there could be a better place like a bar or something" the voice said as I pat his back, trying to ease him a bit "well... there is a mystical theme into it so hush now" he said as he continued his story.

46.         "Little did our heroes know that these unity comes with a thirst of a fight to engage trust in both physical and intellectual. The test of courage, will and intellegence took them a lot of tries, try as they may but their spirits burned bright no matter the challenge. Finally, their efforts made count as they round up the former pirates, apparently hiding from public to prevent misinterpretation. Marshall Steam, following the former pirates he said 'well then, y'all gonna get us to Skull Island?' And the rest of the pirates nodded as one of them steps out from the small crowd 'we be needing some planks for this 'ere vessel' one of them spoke with a raspy voice as Sizzle Burn eyed one of them, trust issue is a bit of a challenge as he went to find some planks from their wood reserve. Coming back with planks, fixing the ship didn't took long"

47.         Then, an inkay I think is Archimedes of the researchers joined the bonfire "well now, a ship is by all means is big and how possible can they fix it within a few hours, wouldn't it take days to completely fix it" he commented as I flicked my tail "dear sir, this is just a story purely from our vast mind of endless imaginary possibility" I replied in a level similar to him "I suggest you to sit down and enjoy a work of our friend here" I continued, hopefully my words stood out as I pass Firestorm a s'more.

48.         "Marshall Steam unrolled the map of the sea, Skull Island is a forbidden island that most map makers erase them off the sea charts 'this island ye seek, is far dangerous for even the sea dogs can't handle their might' a weavile said, not even flinching in fear, the bipedal vaporeon slammed the table 'I believe this will end forever, my father has risked his life for me and I'm goin to avenge his death' as he left the weavile to his words, being washed ashore in a barrel to be found by Sizzle Burn" 

49.         I whispered a bit of info for a change of surrounding illusion to a ship, blowing up to smithereens "now this 'ere is an interestin story" whispered Cassidy, taking a pecha berry and then fixing it onto a stick.

50.         "Standing out at the deck, the vaporeon stared aimlessly at the night sky with his partner 'now now, I know your father sacrificed his life over you but  hear me, we are doing this as a team' his partner spoke as the vaporeon acknowledged the thought 'we better get some rest, I will be on a look out for a bit longer' the vaporeon made his way up to the bird's nest. The next few days, our heroes along with the others put their heads together in solving the riddle to the secret route of the sea that diverts them from the pirates. The fog of the sea, only the best sailors can navigate through it and once our heroes navigated out of the fog, they head down the dungeon of Skull Island. Wave after wave of mob houses, countless times getting lost and traps being revealed, they finally reached the heart of the dungeon. Drawing his Sparkshot gun, he pointed at the malamar and said 'yer goin t'let go of the riolu before this piece hit ya hard' then, with a menacing laugh, out of the shadow revealed an eevee, Marshall Steam's lil sister 'happy now? Just lay 'em down, yer being like yer father kid, thinks he's a hero to all, thinks his itty bitty guns can knock me out' that is when he made his move!"

51.         Firestorm acted out the part with me as I had the malamar themed mask on "arrogant lil kid!" I spoke in a deep voice

52.         "So... the malamar shoved his hostages into a cage as Marshall Steam got into the fray, his skillful iron tail lashing in all directions when suddenly thw malamar caught him and threw him all the way to the edge 'yer father's iron tail got mr off guard for the moment but ya ain't foolin me' with a shadow ball still charging up, Sizzle got a nice fire ball hurled at the malamar as the distracted malamar soon lost focus to a hydro pump while Sizzle saved the guild leader along with Steam's lil sister 'you!' The malamar groaned as a spear shaped tentacle formed from behind Steam but it was too late for Sizzle to warn him as the toxic induced night slash made a hit to the poor vaporeon 'feel the pain now, eh cause this is just the beginning of the pain I've been dealt with years after your father's death' the malamar shot a strong hypnotic power and with no will power to fight, the vaporeon accepted his fate, plunging into his biggest fear, the lost of his father and being hated by the public"

53.         Suddenly, the eerie feeling washed in as I felt like fear just got real "sorry... that was me, carry on" said a menetric with a rolled up leaf as he passed by our bonfire eerie impulse from Nichol of Team Teleforce, at least it's something I thought to myself as I shook off the feeling.

54.         "Fear shook our hero's fighting spirit until a voice is heard 'never give up my son, show them your strength!' And with that, he broke from his slumber and the psychic power then got his hydro pump at high speed! Then, reaching out for  his other gun called Lil Stonesby, he had it square to the head. His life being taken away by toxic soon got him to a yamask mask"

55.         He breathed out with full of content "and from that day, any explorers heading in to a seemingly risky place, you can probably hear gun shots out of nowhere" he said when the trees rustled about which we shrugged it off "ah, at last, hopefully you enjoyed the story" he said before he enjoyed some berries. 

56.         Once we enjoyed the rest of night with more cool stories, I pretty much enjoyed a light chat while Firestorm went to search Cowrey to return her beloved egg "you know, with all of these wonderful adventure story you told, I finally got an idea of an adventure story!" Said Via joyfully as she took out her pencil and jot down as many ideas that came in mind from listening to the stories told. Hours later around the bonfire soon got us tired as Via picked us up "its nice knowing you all, stay tune for my latest book at a library near you" she spoke as we got a move on back to Fun's house, spending the night there before going back to the Guild Issue housing. I sure will never want to forget this.
Frosty Festivites: a cool festival to remember!
At last! after approximately 3 weeks worth of writing, it's finally done! Now then, most of the teams I cameo here are from the Andalusst Atlas 'search team' tab so from reading about the said app and their stats, hopefully I got them at the right place when doing activities in the festival. 

There is something to point out actually, don't go pointing out about the rules of baseballs to me cause let's just say, Malaysia (the country I'm in and born at) don't really make baseball or softball a common sports cause here, soccer or football is a common sports so the baseball scene not mistaken on paragraph #23, that is how much I know from watching youtube and surfing the webs about rules on baseballs. 

cameos, i would love to thank everyone like bursting for joy about this so the list isn't far and are paragraphed coded for easy search (if i were to include which line from each paragraph, I'm just delaying things again) and anything like interaction problem or anything related to it, just note me and I'll get back to editing.

:new: Tean Shining Leaf (why did I forget u X3)

Warning! :redalert: 
This story is 8110 words long (credit to my writing app). So... yeah... you've been warned

1) ColorBond 
Team Coffee n' Creme (paragraph 4, 8 and 28)…

2) Kasagami 
Team Whiteout (paragraph 4 and 36)…

3) kitclare 
Team Synergy (paragraph 7)

4) DuskLugia 
Team Temporal Travellers (paragraph 8)

Team Mystic (paragraph 19)…

Team Dragon Tamer (paragraph 19)…

5) UxieKnight 
Team Dream Fighters (paragraph 8)

6) InYourFridge 
Team High Rollerz (pargraph 8 and 19)…

7) oORiddleOo 
Team Sonnet (paragraph 8)…

8) DJ-Dusk 
Team Moonlit Candle (paragraph 8, 13 and 18)

Team Savoir Faire (paragraph 14)…

9) GraceFireMage98 
Team Trickyfoxy (paragraph #8, #25 and #41)…

10) agentsassy 
Team Everflame (paragraph #8 and #12)…

11) BloodyJewels 
Team Auspice…

12) Mommawott (paragraph 10, 14 and 33)…

13) Hawkein 
Team Violet Aurora (paragraph 10, 11, 23, 25 and 32)…

Connor of Team Crimson Oath (paragrapgh 27, 28 and 32)…

14) LuckyZorua and Ask-Luna-The-Zorua 
Team Queen Illusion (paragraph 13 and 19)…

15) TeenieMimi 
Team Twinkling Orbits (paragraph 18)…

Team Adroit (paragraph 39)…

16) Tutyr 
Team Compass Rose (paragraph 18 and 19)…

17) MiaMaha 
Team Lyrelight (paragraph 18)…

18) the-mage-of-space 
Team Tuft Troupe (paragraph 18)…

19) Leoguardian 
Team Shooting Stars (paragraph 23, 26 and 32)…

20) VickH 
Team Fire Spirit (paragraph 20)…

21) AnimeFoxySheikah 
Team Soft Hearts (paragraph 20, 36 and 37)…

22) confusedkangaroo 
Team Chronicle (pragraph 21)…

23) Xxcron 
Team Mystic Grove (paragraph 23 and 32)…

Team Crystalized (paragraph 28 and 32)…

24) Eve-Of-Halloween 
Team Unity Star (paragraph 23)…

25) SketchSuke 
Team Atmia Siege (paragraph 23, 27, 28 and 29)…

26) OnigiriA 
Team Iksura (paragraph 34)…

27) racooncomet 
Team Cosmix Beat (paragraph 36)…

28) Getoru 
Team Victorious (paragraph 39)…

29) ButterscothFever223 
Team Stoneheadge (paragraph #39)…

30) emlz 
Team Excelsior (paragraph 39)…

31) MissCarrotOwl 
Team Ferus (paragraph 39)…

32) Growleaf 
Team Teleforce (paragraph 53)…

33) WonderingBlueJay 
Team Flair (paragraph 15)

34) Walagu 
Team Frozenpaws (paragraph 33)…

The White Blossoms (paragraph 15)…

36) Pfaccioxx 
Team Dark Blood (I've gotten lazy suddenly XDD)

37) ChillySunDance 
Cassidy the floatzel and Archimedes the inkay (Cassidy is like the best character to work with X3 seriously)

38) LunaOkamii (oh my goodness how much I knew I left somebody behind, sorry Q-Q)
Team Gamble (paragraph 17)…
Fun the jolteon and Via the umbreon belongs to me
Hey everyone ^^ so, this is my first cameo request for this group.

Anyway, for the rp section, i kinda feel like doing a group rp in skype so just note me your skype username and i'll be off to add you. I wanna keep it around 2-3 in a group cause having alot might get hectic and sort. Those who don't wish to join the group rp, don't worry, hopefully with my writing skill, i'll be able to fit them in the story.

Cameos, link me your team's app and include what they're doing at the place. Also, if anyone wanna include my team, go on ahead cause the big info's about them is down here:

Firestorm isn't really the enthusiastic party-goer, he rather wish to help around and such. He is up for light chats with anyone and is curious to know alot about your character. He would always wish to avoid water eventhough having a brave nature. He is quite a story teller, being a bookworm is worth it.

Glitter is the opposite of him, being a big party goer, she could go klutz-ish around water but she'll try her best to not go shocking anyone by accident. Don't go surprised cause she plays the baseball the best with her tail but anything that requires paw, she's clumsy
So.. yeah, thats pretty much it XDD hope to rp with all of u

Skype rp:
Festival Rp and cameo request
As the title says it all :meow: looking forward for a skype rp for this contest. So just note me yur skype username along with the team to rp

Team Shining Leaf:


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