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XD this gallery is mostly writing and not drawing i'm no good at drawing=( but hope you enjoy the story i wrote.



Ask Me! : Eeveelution X3 by browser-surfer14
Ask Me! : Eeveelution X3
EeveeDawn 's question is so hard to answer as an eeveelution fan XDD the last panel tells you the top :meow: 

keep those question rolling :D
Fortress Solvers: The Missing recipes by browser-surfer14
Fortress Solvers: The Missing recipes
I wish i have better title for this OTL it's like what, 2:46 am in Malaysia and boy i ran out of idea for a title and supposed to be asleep by now.

so pretty much the trio are on to find the mystery thief who stole secret recepes throught the tf2 universe. will the three ever find out who is behind all of this, tune in next time folks as there will be a comic coming at ya!

tf2, spy and medic belongs to valve

arcanine and pokemon belongs to nintendo
Defend the Australium by browser-surfer14
Defend the Australium
goodness, after changing my ideas twice, i think i made quite a good job with this piece. anyway, i kinda got inspired a flash animation made by Shuriken255 's animation called Defend the Diamond where the job is simple, defend the diamond to the beat of the music (oh how one day i can animate it in sfm XD)

so, the song of choice for this is inspired by Mute City - Super Smash Bros. Brawl and i myself feel like it sorta matched and blends in with the situation of defending a stack of australium gold from a horde of robots that threatens to steal the gold in order for this one guy to build an OP robot army to rule the world :evillaugh:

anyway, jokes aside, i'm happy to join Nikolad92 's contest and look forward to join new sort of contest from ya :meow:
*sigh* phone literally died today for what i think is caused by overcharging which loses my mobility in writing the promised story  Cameo call for a storyHey everyone, I just got this idea of the use of the body paint (I should have done this long ago). Anyway, I'm looking for cameos for this lil story and the details will be discussed down below:
Right, I need cameos for either background or distractor. Distractor as the name implies will distract either Firestorm the fennekin or Glitter the shinx. This is the interesting part, you can choose who to distract and this is where two teams will be formed; Team Glitter will be incharge in distracting Firestorm and Team Firestorm will incharge in distract Glitter. If your character wish to have a speaking role, do include especially on the part where somebody throws a yarn at Glitter or maybe makes an impossible puzzle for Firestorm.
Glitter's weakness (and I don't mean those pokemon weakness ok)
- Anything she can chase
- Shiny stuffs
- Yarn
- Illusion
- Running into glass sometimes
Firestorm's weakness
- Water ( he is scared of water like alot and would always avoid it except for cleaning

so umm... Skyleaf2000 , hyolitha , lp573 , MaxCheng95 , AllTopDrawing , confusedkangaroo , galaxypuppyelectric , ViraLayton , and GraceFireHearth , i owe you all an apology due to delaying it long. pretty much all the progress of the story are in there and gone

 Please i hope you all be patient cause with the loss of progress, has sparked a new and improved plot which i hope to show you all. so stay positive and i'll try to like, get it done somewhere mid-april :D
I sat down on one of those cargo box while reloading my sniper rifle "satellite's all repositioned and the actions all wiped clean" I mummbled as I loaded the last bullet then held onto the electric core that supplies all the electricity needed for my sniper rifle's electric stock as I was approached by an ice blue eevee, sporting an orange scarf with a black colored mask "Froslass, I see you've made it finally" I greeted her as she replied me back with a smile as I pass over a packet of berries then hopped off "boss told us there's something we need to be extra careful" I reminded her as an audible chuckle filled the area which made me go into scope.

The chuckles got louder and more sinister like "you got that right agents" one of them taunted as I can see the silhouette loomed pass my scope, the sound of blades running through the neck followed by a scream quickly caught my attention "see what we did, isn't it a beautifully made piece of work if I do say so myself" the voice continued to taunt as a bead of sweat rolled down my cheek "we are the Executioner and here to flip your freaking world upside down" the silhouette revealed itself to be a pair of plusle and minun.

I cringed at the pair as a paper fan flew pass by, a close shave to be exact then stings slightly upon contacts with my sweat "ya think you fluffballs are so strong, then prepare to be team worked" I charged up an electro ball then glanced at Froslass who's arm like scarf all ready with cold icy mist formed.

The duo did the same, paws all forming electric like pompoms "I think ya have to run before we annihilate the both of you like your lil buddy back there" they spoke in unison then I made a charge towards them, dodging as many thrown fans they have up their sleeves. I slashed my way through the waves of fans with my tomahawk then threw one straight into their position but the annoying plusle dodged it while counterattacking me with more waves of fans. I had to maneuver my way out in a skillful way to prevent more damage to what they did to my cheek earlier "run now coward!" The plusle hissed as I clenched my melee weapon tighter NEVER CALL ME A COWARD! I thought to myself with full on rage as I charged at the plusle with a now poison induced tomahawk but something distracted me, Froslass is exposed to their attack as I focused on my hind paws to send an electric barrier over to her but an incoming wave of rubble made me to perform it on myself "aww, lil hero thinks he's so tough, just put your paws up and give up" the plusle taunted with a sinister grin. I stayed behind my barrier, analysing the projectile speed then made quick judgement to negatively charge the surrounding area of the plusle for a sweet distraction gap. I did as I planned and the plusle immediately dodged the metal wires surrounding the area while the opportunity to strike opens up with a nice multiple toxic slash on the chest but on the forth slash, the plusle grabbed my arm then flung me towards Froslass "heh, looks like I am the superior attacker of this battle, am I right Reiko" she glanced with a smirk then back at us "or is it you who can't handle my superior attacking skill" she hissed that it caused me to feel dizzy all of the sudden, it's like a sudden hit on the head.

I attempted to stand up only to be falling back down to the ground "Hemlock!" Froslass called out, her voice to me is all so distorted like "snap out of it!" She demanded before I fell limp, then everything went a blur. It's like, I'm not me anymore.

I felt my mouth being assisted to open up and chew on something "ugh... what just happen...?" I groaned as I rubbed my head then came back to my sense "Froslass!" I called out as I was about to get up into a running stance, a sort of mystical force pushes me down back into a sitting posture then a barrier of ice formed in front of me.

She glanced back "rest up, I'll take it from here" she assured me as I sat there like that one naughty boy back at school in the corner of the class, arms crossed and whining. I made my claws soaked in poison as I try to melt the ice barrier made just the right size for my sniper rifle's barrel to fit through "for some robots like you two, your throws always missed every time" she huffs as she sets into a running stance then glared at them with the cold stare from the mask "you two are in for a surprise" she snickered then shot off, I zoomed into the scope, zapping down the paper fans that are being thrown.

I ate up the sitrus berry I packed earlier then continued to snipe down incoming paper fans, one by one being reduced to mere ashes "boom goes my bullets" I said with a grin as I fired a bullet filled with explosives straight towards the ground beneath their feet causing the minun to be launched upwards with both paper fans being blown away due to the blast then my paws glowed purple and channelled my poison towards the plusle only to be blocked by a thrown object that loses my total focus on it. I stood up as the ice barrier wore down "put your paws up if you think you're so tough" I taunted the plusle with my tomahawk with their blades seeped in poison "bring it!" I shot as I charged towards the plusle with a thrown tomahawk only to have dodged it but I grinned at her attempt as I began to harness my electric type to pull back like a boomerang "you may dodge the first throw, but you seemed to forget the ability that lies within an electric type-" I paused as we got into a clash between our weapons "electromagnetic charging any metallic items at will" I continued as a sudden quick attack brought me almost to a backfiring of plans as she exposed me to the incoming weapon.

She laughed menacingly "hah! Even your weapons betrayed ya!" She jeered then disappeared in a blinding speed which made me look around frantically. I can't find her when suddenly, every side of me felt pain the stings like having to place a wound in a bowl of salt "having fun? Yeah you do!" She gloated before landing more cuts on every side as I tried to focus then materialised the cyber wolf mask ugh... I'm to focus on this moving target! Blinding speed due to quick attack is a combo my coach reminds me and I need to focus my hearing I thought to myself as I heightened my hearing capabilities with my paws clenched then I can hear, rushing paws coming at me from behind! I turned around and gave a sweet firm punch to the face before landing mix of thunderbolt and sludge bomb "boo! No way my blinding speed can be stopped!" She pouted before doing the same, landing the same spot as before and this time I'm more annoyed than usual. I charged up my electricity to a level that I can propel back to Froslass. I managed to do it and came landing with my back leaned against her arm like scarf.

I took a deep breath hey Froslass, if you can read my mind, I think it's a good call for a tag I spoke in my thoughts as I then felt a tingle that made my ears twitch a lil agreed, I managed to see your situation and I'll have her frozen in one spot for us to end this battle I can hear her snickered before both of us exchanged our spot as I now face the minun.

I passed over her a sitrus berry "you be careful okay" I adviced her before charging towards my new opponent, a minun that's standing still. I began to slash only to be finding it vanished into this air followed by a laugh "why you lil" I hissed then proceeds to perform another slash only to missed again which in return caused me to grow tired easily as the laughter then grew louder and more demented.

I tried to catch my breath only to be knocked around "looks like somebody just isn't the best in spotting the details" said one of the minun as it charged at me with a quick attack while giving me a rapid punch before going back to the surrounding copies "prepare for trouble and make it double as they say" said another one of the copy and this time, all the copies pulled out the same ol paper fan "prepare to meet your fate unlucky agent!" One of it taunted but just as they're about to throw, I let out a discharge that is capable of jamming their servo temporarily while reducing their power. The minun copy soon disappeared, revealing the real one exposed with sparks flying and some parts failing to make a twitch. I grinned at my plan but then my paws caught some odd vibration on the concrete flooring below, feels like somebody being dragged along but not sure who it was, that it made me dematerialise my mask to be noticing Froslass being knocked backwards "look at that, your lil friend is so hopeless" she taunted as my face began to flush in anger, a trail of tear formed and teeth gritted with my fangs bared.

I tighten my grip as I charged the minun, eyes burning with the fuel of hatred and power in proofing those annoying robots, potentially will be sending them to android hell "NEVER CALL US WEAK!!" I yelled to the top of my lungs, that I  forward with blade fully induced with lethal corrosive poison which is capable of melting the toughest of metal plate. I swing my tomahawk only to be blocked by an incoming metal support  which made me turn to find the source of the item "you- ugh!" I changed my target to the plusle that ny rage and anger bubbled to the brim "I swear, you are trying my patients!" I snapped to the point I ignored type match up entirely due to being blinded by my building rage.

I threw a tomahawk to limit her movement "suppression! Now!" I ordered as I perform my volt switching maneuver to strike and confuse my target. I circled my target, once in a while create scratches over their robotic bodies each seeped with poison where corruption of any processors can be done without entering the cyber world. I continued doing so while protecting Froslass's back from any incoming thrown item especially steel wires and iron supports that can deal a huge amount of damage on her.

I kinda go with a constant tactic, Froslass and I will switch place, from offence to defence most of the time to balance out any exposed ends in my tactic while the great thing about it is being able to confuse the annoying duo.

I sorta got myself carried away with my plans, I focused too much on the single target that the other one seemed to have slipped my mind "hey Hemlock, ever wonder about the other one?" She asked me as I appeared besides her then I gave her a shrug that I myself wish I had been aware of the other twerp "anyway, we better finish this one off, the faster we deal with her, the better the chance of winning" she pointed out as I nodded in agreement as I then pass her another berry, this one however will increase her special attacks by only a unit which can be enough to immobilise the minun through her ice attack. I leaned against her with my paws holding onto her paws for support then I brought her closer with our free paws pointing towards the helpless minun "H-Hemlock...?" She gasped with a visible crimson blush just under her mask that I nodded before turning back to watch the robot minun twitching, sparks flying wildly, gears and other parts of the machine fully exposed. I began to charge up a charge beam while my ears picked up the crackling sound of charging ice beam "ready whenever you are, Hemlock" she grinned as both of us fired our beams in unison.

I watched in amazement, our beams fused together as one that it took a spear like shape that I can't help to supply more power to the combined attack I love you a warm smile formed with a light blush as leaned my head on her shoulder then something pops up in mind. I began to throw her like those doing the tango back at high school, damn the feeling of being in a relationship despite being in a fight "how am I to put this, my love for you is like an electric barrier, I'm the one who can protect you from incoming projectile in every direction" I spoke in my attempted deep voice with my hind paws producing the source of the barrier. I have no idea where I learn all of what I say, I guess I must have found some hidden journal pages from my brother's book.

She turned away shyly then, my fur caught the pulse of an incoming huge object "twist, and turn my sweet winter scarf" I pulled her into a hug as I jumped sideways with the twisting and turning of our body in dodging what seemed to be a cargo container "wow, I never thought I'm flexible" I joked around as I pulled her close to dodge and incoming paper fan then threw her upwards to be landing on my shoulders "goodness, haven't thought this battle would be all the acrobatic attribute" I told her while balanching her on top of my shoulders as I can feel her anticipating a jump "freeze the floor along with her foot, I have a sweet plan" I told her as I watched Froslass jumped up in the air, paws glowing and fulley enshrouded by her naturally made mist froze the entire floor into a huge ice rink. The ice spreads fast like a corruption command in the cyber world, every corner showed nothing but pure ice "that's more like it" I praised her as I took her paws then looked at our target "it's time for a lil skate in my way" I bragged as I began to slide forward, slowly gaining speed as we began to charge up another combined move. We may have our weaknesses but we shall never back down with the power of teamwork! I aimed at the target; first sniper rifle bullet and then came the second from Froslass finally, we blasted the combined move onto our moving bullet. I squinted my eyes, both made quite the damage over the eyes and on came our beams that sliced the plusle bot to half. Froslass created a ramp and we came down like a huge icicle that blew up the entire head of the plusle into smithereens.

I landed on the ice then caught Froslass that causes me to slide across the room on my back with a sigh if relief "I think I need an ice cream break now" I sigh before drifting off to a nice nap.
[TL] Chapter 9: Tag Team Boss Batlle
This is my part of my hybrid collab with Winter-The-Fox

Goodness I made it just in time and I thought I wouldn't cause I've a thing of making sure to have like, more than a thousand words long to make me satisfied of any written story (along with quality)

Froslass belongs to Winter-The-Fox

Hemlock Digitalis belongs to me

Pokemon belongs to nintendo

The bosses involved belongs to the founder of Tanuki-Legacy


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Welp, as the title says, this marks the last of sfm, tf2, bioshock infinite and injustice. i got myself succumb to my curiousity and now my steam account surfer171, shall no longer be with me. sigh* my dreams has been shattered and no more DLC for bioshock next year and no tf2 joy and worst of all, no more sfm until my account is free from the clutches of the hacker.

farewell sfm and tf2, u all were wonderful for such a beautiful 1 year usage OTL ;^; so from this day forward until my steam account is restored, i only will be writing on which is something non of the watchers would care to read anyways

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