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XD this gallery is mostly writing and not drawing i'm no good at drawing=( but hope you enjoy the story i wrote.



Going out for a road trip by browser-surfer14
Going out for a road trip
ah, isn't it great, a sweet roofless classic car for all your road trip needs where the wind of the trip blew across your head as you cruise down the highway while enjoying the radio of your favourite station.

anyway, this here is a poster i made in helping out finalleet with his classic car model which is down below:
[SFM]Classic car 1.6v 

initially was gonna make something detective noir styled crime scene investigation but... it kinda blocks alot of the classic car model so instead went with this.

The Skater's Slacks and The Trickster's Turntable (c) to their respective owners and their download links below:

The Skater's Slacks:…

The Trickster's Turntable:…

Scout Pilgrim (c) donhonk from Steam, link below:…

Olivia Mann model (c) Crazyb2000 from Steam, link below:…

little Jack model (c) Rebbacus

Tycoon Toppers, Frozen Frags (cone and cup), Coolant Case, and Goodie-Giver's Garrison (c) Vulture & Bash Something both from Steam, link below:…

Enhanced demoman model (c) Maxxy

map used: SFM_suburbia
Cameo call again! This time the dungeon thing XDD anyway, I have two types of cameo, general cameo for all the guilds and dungeon cameo is exclusively for the Explorers Guild and Researches Guild.

General cameo would be... well... general like going around Andalusst while checking their supplies for the dungeon, being in the library reading some stuff about dungeon traps or just passing by one of the NPC shops I made which Juicy Mix ( for Team Shining Leaf) and Eeveelution Sisters Cafe ( for Team Emerald Bloom). Feel free to place the link to your team.

Dungeon cameo is a cameo during the dungeon thing. I hope u could supply me the link to yur team and dungeon layout too. Also, do tell me what they will do too.

Note: I'm on mobile usually so those on their ipads, iphone or any type of smartphone,  don't worry, I will supply you with my (labels are included). Anyway, those who wants to cameo my team, feel free to do so.
Dungeon cameo call!
Team Shining Leaf:

General use:
Firestorm would be in the library studying a bit of trap disarming and a lil about dungeons. Glitter on the hand would running about finding Firestorm or be taking notes during the dungeon briefing.

Dungeon use:
Glitter will try anything she could to distract the barboach in the dungeon. I do need to point out that if there's a room with something shiny, she will rush towards it while Firestorm chases her around. Firestorm, he will be disarming traps and guide Glitter in lock picking locked doors in the dungeon. He will be rendered useless if nobody helps him out in a room with a small stream in it or if he's being attacked by the barboach soldier or commander.  One more thing, both Glitter and Firestorm stick together, they will only split up in the same room if being attacked.

Team Emerald Bloom:

General use:
Pepper will be at the briefing while munching on some muffins or any small sized pastries and of course taking notes. He could offer a max of any 3 small sized pokemon a ride just be careful with his naïve-ness so -ahem- guide him carefully. Flora will be at the library, reading about chemical composition of poisons and mumbling to herself on the traps mechanism she hypothesise. She may be found, walking around Andalusst while checking the list of things to bring around mostly berries.

Dungeon use:
Flora and Pepper are an inseparable duo. They will venture together and will always prevent Pepper from touching random traps unless it's an ember trap. Pepper's Hidden Power Psychic isn't that strong and that is when both Flora and Pepper can be seperated especially in a room with strong winds. This is will cause Pepper to either chase after her or those whom rides him will have a choice to either go with the flow or leave Flora behind to continue on eventually be able to find Flora back. Pepper usually behaves when Flora is around and will help her reach hard to reach area. He may stray about the room occasionally while keeping close proximity around Flora. 

Flora will test the trap's mechanism as how she hypothesised back at the library. She would take note of any wall writings found in the room. She will be preventing Pepper from stepping on traps around the room due to her anticipation ability or sometomes her hunches. If she ever gets seperated, she would stay put until somebody came to the rescue or she will wander about while with any random team while constantly mentioning about Pepper. Also, if there's a random cliff or a deep hole, she would flinch or be rendered useless untill somebody brings her to calm down.

Team Shining Leaf's dungeon map:

Team Emerald Bloom's dungeon map:

:new: i just realised that i forgot to include cameo spots for researchers guild XP
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Welp, as the title says, this marks the last of sfm, tf2, bioshock infinite and injustice. i got myself succumb to my curiousity and now my steam account surfer171, shall no longer be with me. sigh* my dreams has been shattered and no more DLC for bioshock next year and no tf2 joy and worst of all, no more sfm until my account is free from the clutches of the hacker.

farewell sfm and tf2, u all were wonderful for such a beautiful 1 year usage OTL ;^; so from this day forward until my steam account is restored, i only will be writing on which is something non of the watchers would care to read anyways
Hey everyone, I just got this idea of the use of the body paint (I should have done this long ago). Anyway, I'm looking for cameos for this lil story and the details will be discussed down below:

Right, I need cameos for either background or distractor. Distractor as the name implies will distract either Firestorm the fennekin or Glitter the shinx. This is the interesting part, you can choose who to distract and this is where two teams will be formed; Team Glitter will be incharge in distracting Firestorm and Team Firestorm will incharge in distract Glitter. If your character wish to have a speaking role, do include especially on the part where somebody throws a yarn at Glitter or maybe makes an impossible puzzle for Firestorm.

Glitter's weakness (and I don't mean those pokemon weakness ok)

- Anything she can chase
- Shiny stuffs
- Yarn
- Illusion
- Running into glass sometimes

Firestorm's weakness

- Water ( he is scared of water like alot and would always avoid it except for cleaning himself)
- Difficult puzzles
- Anything that could trigger his curiousity (mostly science-ish stuff)

Also, I kinda want you to vote, who should get the body paint? and what design do you think fits Glitter? (cause I already have one for Firestorm)
Cameo call for a story
another cameo call! This time, I've got a story to write :meow: everything has been explained up there so no need to repeat it here~
Date Joined: 5 December 2014
Current Funds: 0 St

Merits: 0
Strikes: 0


Species: shiny eevee
Nature: Relaxed
-Characteristic: Alert to sound
Gender: Female              Age: 19
Ability: Anticipation

Strength:  3                  Agility: 2
Intelligence:   4             Charisma: 1+2

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: [normal] -> [Charisma]

Move 1: Hidden Power Fire

Move 2: Swift

Move 3: Iron Tail

Move 4: Shadow Ball


 - Template Dress Hat
An emerald green colored Dress Hat that has holes which enables both her ears through.

-Item 2

-Item 3

 - Cautious
 - Optimistic
 - Observant
 - outgoing
 - helpful

 - she has emerald green colored eyes.
 - there is a small sakura flower shaped birth mark behind her right ear.
 - she is afraid of heights and she will pass out if she is at a height of any random cliff.

Species: arcanine
Nature: Naïve
-Characteristic: loves to eat
Gender:  male                   Age: 24
Ability: Flash Fire

Strength:   2                Agility: 4
Intelligence:  3             Charisma: 1+2

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: [Fire] -> [Charisma]

Move 1: Hidden Power Psychic

Move 2: Incinerate

Move 3: Solar Beam

Move 4: Sunny Day


Template bow tie
a red colored bow tie worn around his neck

-Item 2

-Item 3

 - curious
 - slightly naïve
 - clingy
 - caring
 - fussy

Fun facts:
 - he has a huge passion for cooking up pastries.
 - he has a favourite section in the library, mainly the berries and pastry.
 - he prefers sweet berries than other flavored berries.
 - slightly fluffier than normal arcanine
========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

I spent my time with Pepper down at the local library, stocking up with as many general knowledge of Andalusst as possible in case that is. I, Flora the eevee with my hero and partner, Pepper, my fluffy arcanine are going to be the new members of the Researcher's guild. I by far have planned our group name earlier... well... still making alot of consideration from like five names in line. I flipped from one book to the other, ranging from history to science when something felt wrong due to this irritating tingling on my right ear "what is the time now, Pepper?" I asked him as he simply shifted my view towards the clock on the wall as it made me jump in shock "get moving now, we are totally late for registration! " I quietly told him as we made our way past the busy streets of Andalusst. I suddenly got nervous, first impressions and presentation of one's self "calm down Flora, your constant fidgeting is messing up my fur" he told me as I took a number of deep to ease the tension within. After what seemed like half an hour, we made it at last and got through the registration session. We head to a hallway and a big crowd gathered there too which made me wonder also, why gather there when there's more room for small garhering?

Many of them are chatting amicably, but a few in the back can be heard grumbling and snapping irritably, and the cause is revealed to be a somewhat tall Flygon attempting to shove her way through and by the sound of it, accidentally hitting several Pokémon with her wings and tail as she goes.

"Ohhh... Excuse me, pardon me, Leader's Assistant comin' through... C'mon guys, can’t you have your little meeting thing somewhere that isn't blocking a hallway? 'scuse me, sorry, jeez..."

When she finally makes it out, I could see that her arms are laden with a surprisingly large pile of thick paper scrolls. A large blueprints tube can be seen on her back, the strap crossing her chest diagonally and connecting with a metal clasp, while her wrists bear one gleaming armband each; silver worn on the right, and black worn on the left.

We only had a couple seconds to take this in, however, as an unfortunate misstep results in paper flying everywhere and the Flygon falling flat on her face. There are a few derisive chuckles from the group, but as none of them move forward to help the hapless earth dragon, we step up instead to ease the workload.

"Oooof, so many papers... There we go," the Flygon mutters, balancing everything back into a manageable pile before straightening and breaking out into a cheery smile. "Thanks so much for helping me pick all these up. I swear, that’s like the fifth time I’ve tripped today; I’m such a klutz…" She blinks. "Heeeey, wait a minute. You don't look familiar. Are you visiting the Guild?"

I shook my head "we certainly are here to join the researchers" I told the flygon as Pepper's tail wagged joyfully "registration done and ready to go, I guess" he spoke unconfidently while his paws making circular motion on the floor.

Upon hearing that the team has just gotten done registering, she breaks out in a warm smile.

"Well no wonder I don’t remember you, you're new!" She inclines her long neck in the best bow she can manage without dropping everything all over again. "Welcome to the Researchers Guild! I'm Kali, I'm one of the Guild Leaders' assistants here. Pleased to meet you! And you are…?"

"Flora and my partner here is Pepper" I answered her nice and short.

She smiles again. "Nice names! You don't hear many like that around here, but then again Andalusst is kind of a mish-mash of a whole bunch of different kinds of names. It's always nice to hear 'em since Pokémon do tend to come in from all over the place, after all. And speaking of which, did you guys get here from the fog or something?"

Pepper and I both nodded "we got here from the fog" I replied as I got comfortable in Pepper's fluffy fur "we did find ourselves lost in the fog a few times but luckily we made it out" Pepper added with an awkward smile on his face.

Well I be, it seems that we're stuck with Kali for the time being, as she seems to be quite curious about our team I thought to myself.

"Really? Hmm, yeah, that's how it is for a few people around here. I'm not an Andalusst native myself, but I figured I'd stick around. Anyway, now that you're here and you've been registered as a team, what name did you pick?"

I smiled at the question "Team Emerald Bloom is the name we chose" I told her "initially there were a few names made but after thinking through, we chose Emerald Bloom" he added again as I shrugged for him adding in.

She waits for the response with an expectant look, and laughs lightly when it’s given.

"Hah, that's so much better than the name I used when I signed up, wow. I was kind of, uh, young and silly back then, I guess you could say, so the name I used was... yeeeeaaaaah, pretty bad."

"Well... that kinda brings us to a curious question, what was your te-" I tried to ask but before I can ask about it, the green Dragon-type tosses out another question with a curious tilt of her head.

"So what's your reason for joining the Guild, anyway? There are three guilds here in Andalusst, and even if I like it here with the Researchers, I know it's not the best fit for everyone since we're kinda knowledge-oriented; you could've just as easily registered with the Hunters, or the Explorers. So why here?"

"I have been dreaming of joining them one day so what better way to live up the dream by fulfilling it in this way" I answered her and then glanced at Pepper "also, he is quite curious with things around him and is hoping to discover new stuff to be implemented into his cooking somehow" I continued with an awkward smile.

Kali listens quite intently as we told our story, her earlier cheerful expression changing to one of thoughtful consideration. She waits patiently for the response to wrap up, before speaking again. "Wow, that's quite a tale! Not many Pokémon come through here with a story like that. Seems like everyone in the Guilds has a driving force behind what they do, and some reasons are... well, better than others."

She pauses, before her voice regains its chipper tone. "So that’s the "why" and the "how"; what about the "what"? What do you think made the Guild decide to accept you into the ranks?" She says this with honest curiosity, not a trace of taunt or teasing in her tone, and listens as your team lists off their skills.

"My keen sense of hearing and my analytic attitude is the one I can put full credit on" I answered her as I tap Pepper's back "and with my speed, I could get anyone from one point also, I read alot so I may be able to help out somehow" he said.

"Oh wow, that's pretty cool! You guys are lucky. Y'know sometimes I wish I had a better skill set like that; then maybe I’d be more help to the Guild. Pretty much the only things I do around here are draw and deliver papers everywhere and, well, get stuck helping Archie."

She says the last part with sudden venom, and we have the feeling that she’s not entirely fond of the Pokémon in question.

"I mean yeah sure he's one of the Guild Leaders, but he's just so... so... annoying, always bossing people around and taking credit for everything and acting like he's so much smarter than everyone else. And I'm always the one having to put up with him since someone has to help him but everyone else always runs off before they get stuck with him instead!"

Kali lets out a great huff of frustration, glancing away for a moment before remembering she has an audience. Giving an embarrassed chuckle as her face slowly reddens, she says, "And oh gosh, there I go running my mouth, ahaha! Sorry, I'm not talking too much or anything, am I? I kind of have a tendency to ramble on sometimes... And I probably really shouldn’t be bad-mouthing Archimedes...”

With a sudden, panicked expression abruptly crossing her face as she remembers the mass of paper in her arms, she blurts, "And OH MY GOSH I still need to take care of these!"

She starts running down the hall, then abruptly pulls an about-face - accidentally whacking a passerby with her tail while doing so - to stammer, "Uh, it was nice meeting you! I'll, er, see you later, I hope?" She attempts to raise an arm to wave back, but stops when the paper pile in her arms wobbles precariously, and instead flashes a quick grin before stomping briskly away.

I smiled back at her then jumped down from Pepper's back "looks like this is just the beginning of our time here" I said with pride as both of us sat somewhere else to think of our next move.
Researchers Guild written app : Team Emerald Bloom
Another team made :dummy: I do hav a story about them too. I'll be doing a few checks around and it will be submitted.

Basically, how Flora is related to both Glitter and Firestorm plus what causes Firestorm to get nightmares every Halloween. 


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Welp, as the title says, this marks the last of sfm, tf2, bioshock infinite and injustice. i got myself succumb to my curiousity and now my steam account surfer171, shall no longer be with me. sigh* my dreams has been shattered and no more DLC for bioshock next year and no tf2 joy and worst of all, no more sfm until my account is free from the clutches of the hacker.

farewell sfm and tf2, u all were wonderful for such a beautiful 1 year usage OTL ;^; so from this day forward until my steam account is restored, i only will be writing on which is something non of the watchers would care to read anyways

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